Monday, July 12, 2010

Prayer to get children in Sanskrit

Dear Friends,
I had recently told about a stotra to get married. I had another great stotra in Malayalam script which would help in
a. To get a childless women to get a child
b, To get a son for a women who has only daughters
c. To prevent frequent abortions leading to childlessness.
This is the great Stotra called “Vamsa Vrudhi karam Durga Kavacham.”. This stotra was taught to Lord Saneeswara by his father Sun.
. Mr.P.R,Chandran has taken great pains to type the stotra in Devanagari Script.
People who are interested in getting it may please write to me at ramya475 at hotmail dot com or MrP.R.Chandran at chandranpr at gmail dot com . With best wishes, Ramachander

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