Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three great mile stones in my life.

I. The first mile stone is my completing the translation of 500th Stotram, I can publicly confess that I am not a great scholar and whatever I have done is by the express guidance from God. This great collection includes such gems like Bhagavad Gita, SundraKandam of Ramayanam, Devi Mahathmyam, Sri Krishna Karnamrutham ,Three great Sahara Namams(Vishnu, Lalitha and Shiva) The great Abhirami Andhathi from Tamil ,and Jnana Pana of Poonthanam. It also includes great works like Narada Bhakthi Suthra, Yaksha Prasna, Aprakshanubhuthi, Sri Ramo dhantham and so on. I would like to humbly bow before God and tell, “Lord, thank you for using me as your finger for typing in my computer using my fingers.”
II. The second mile stone pertains to my translation of 300 Carnatic music Keetrthanas originally written in five different languages. I am not a musician and not a great pundit in any of the five languages. Here again it is God’s miracle, especially when we take in to consideration the fact that I have completed this stupendous job in a period of just three months.
III. The third mile stone is a personal one. On July 13th I would be completing 40 years of blissful and happy married life with my wife. Taking in to consideration the fact that , it is her love and encouragement that makes me do what I do, I would make her the silent partner of all that I do and achieve. Together we have raised a great son and a great daughter. As on today we have two very great grand daughters and two great grand sons. By modern day standards , we are not rich but both of us think that whatever we have is all that we need. We believe strongly in God and also believe he knows what we need. For the past ten years I have been helping thousands of people all over the world with astrological consultation mainly on matching horoscopes. Several times we were offered huge amounts of money but we both decided that we will not take any money. We do have differences in our likes, dislikes and priorities in life. But very early in married life we decided that these differences would not create even a small ripple in our married life. I am sure that God guides us even here and we both salute him and tell “Sir , a big thank you”, and I would like to say to her , “My wife, I consider you as the greatest blessing Of God to me.”


RVR said...

You have done great service to our religion and music in record time. These are noble acts of people with wisdom and knowledge. People of such calibre are awarded but you have kept low profile and modest. God Bless You!

R V Ramani

Kaushik said...

Sir, extremely happy to hear. My hearty best wishes and congratulations on your milestones. Here's hoping many more in your already worthy life.
Sir, also, I have used your blog reference in writing Sama Veda Sandhyavandanam on my blog. I have also acknowledged you in it here -

Kerala Brahmin said...

Thanks a lot.My entire purpose of doing this work is for it to reach to all human beings interested in Hinduism. May God bless you, Ramachander

S said...

Thank you on your efforts. This is the first time that I went into your blog while searching for upakarma mantrams. I generally use the previous years mantra and just make few required changes. I lost them now and had to do some digging. I came across your blog. I will visit it regularly. Do you have a personal email ID as well through which you can be contacted? Thanks again for this great service. Regards, Sreeram