Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reply to my four mile stones

Dear Shri Ramachander

Oh Sage !, You have released from the Cage (of printed media) many a Page of our holy scriptures by digitalising it and making it as a Webpage. Truly, the milestones are not made of 'concrete' or 'granite' but of 'diamonds' and 'pearls'.

From Shri Nandu's mail, I came to know about your great achievements. Man, You have truly "lived", and Swami Vivekananda would greatly be proud of you, as according to him : "Those who live for others alone live, the rest are more dead, than alive."

I Salute the thought, (of sharing, all the best with others)

I Salute the Feat, (ala a Bhagirathan),

I Salute the Feet,

and above all

I salute the nimble fingers, which made all this possible.

Such is the composition of great Souls, who position themselves in the service of others, at the appropriate time.

Thanks a million for sharing the compositions of all great works of all ever greats in the 'digital world', for which the whole world is Ever Grateful to you. This again shows what a determined Mind can achieve.

My pranams are also due to your dear Dharmapathni, who permitted you, supported you and made this all possible by maintaining a 'peaceful homefront', for the last 40 years happily with you, true to the role she accepted in your life. You two have given a new meaning to the word 'Together', which is the Key to a successful family life. Kalidasa's opening prayer in one of his great epics poems (Kumarasambhava ?), exemplifying Lord Shiva and Parvathi, starting with वाक् and its inseperable 'अर्थ्", comes to my mind. You two have proved it a fact.

It is all because you had your Priorities right and you treaded a right line. Truly your 'service' is Music to the digital world, going to ever reverberate like all the ever green krithis and keerthanas you have helped translate ad place it on the net. Your site has become a reference point for all the sthothras and is always one and also will remain the only one, which any devotee would like to sight.

May the blessings of the Lord be ever on you and your Great Family, so that you all can continue to bless the humanity in your own great way.

അനന്ത കോടി നമസ്കാരങ്ങളുടന്‍.



guruji said...

Namaste, You wrote which was in my mind and even all peoples who gone through the Great Man's web pages.

Ganesan Kapeyar

prophet666 said...

Great work,your translations are of great help to everyone.