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Effect of doing Charity(Dhana)

Effect of doing Charity(Dhana)
Srivathsa Somadeva Sharma
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All religions in the world believe that charity  would help  you  in doing God’s deed. Ofcourse charity should be given to the  proper person .Hinduism believes that Charity should be given to the Brahmin  who has  chosen to dedicate  all his  life to the study of religion and lead a life of penury. This list of  different charities  and  the gift that we are likely to get by doing them is given by a great Scholar  called  Srivathsa Somadeva Sarma. This material is the English translation of the information that he has given in a book called  “Stotra ChinthamanI”  published in Tamil by  Sri Surabhi Jagatguru Publications , Madras in the year 1998.Most of these gifts are easily  affordable  by all of  you. Even if you do not believe in them, Why not try to do them and see for yourself whether they are true or not?

1.Gifting  cloth would increase life span.
2.Gifting land would make you attain  Brahma loka.
3.Gifting honey in a  bell metal vessel would lead to birth of a son.
4.Gifting a cow  would repay debt to Sages, devas   and Pithrus(manes)
5.Gifting a cow just before death will help the soul to leave without pain.
6.Gifting a cow after death would help you cross the river Vaitharani   easily.
7.Gifting a cow for any particular purpose would help you succeeding in your purpose.
8.Gifting of gooseberry(Nellikkai/Amalakam)  would get you wisdom.
9.Giving a lamp inside  the temple   would make you an emperor
10.Gifting of a lamp would improve your eye sight
11.Gifting a she buffalo would avoid premature death.
12.Gifting of seeds  would result in long life , It also results in long life to our children.
13.Gifting of uncooked rice  would remove sins.
14.Gifting of Thamboola(Betel leaf, arecanut and lime)  would give you heaven.
15.Gifting of fruits would take you to heaven  after death.
16.Gifting of blanket would cure rheumatism.
17.Gifting of cotton would cure leucoderma.
18.Gifting of Yagnopaveetha(Sacred thread) would make you a Brahmin in the next birth.
19.Gifting of flowers, Thulasi  , Samith , vegetables .and grains would help you to go to heaven.
20.Gifting of ghee  would cure your  sickness.
21.Gifting of  sugar  would give you long life.
22.Gifting of milk , would remove your sorrow.
23.Gifting of  sweets and savories , would remove road blocks.
24.Gifting of banana fruit would make you intelligent.
25.Gifting of honey  would give you body luster and  beauty.
26.Gifting of Jaggery  would remove your sorrow.
27.Gifting of coconut   would remove  worries.
28.Gifting of Puffed rice(Pori in tamil ) would make life pleasant.
29.Gifting of seasame would remove fear of death.
30. Gifting of curd  would lead to more masculinity.
31.Gifting of beaten rice(avil in tamil)  would get you blessings of God.
32.Gifting of Bengal gram   would lead to birth of children.
33.Gifting of multi grain flour(sathu Mavu in Tamil)  would develop devotion to God.
34.Gifting of Payasam (Sweet gruel/kheer)  would get us blessing of Pithrus(manes) and continuation of our clan.
35.Gifting of gold  would remove sins as well as poverty.
36.Gifting of Umbrella and slippers would give you happiness  in the world of Yama.
37.Gifting of a Kanya(virgin maid)   would take you  after death to world of Brahma.
38.Gifting of fan  , Panaka(sweet  jaaggery water) Butter milk   and sacred waters  would take you to the land of Vayu/Varuna after  your death.
39.Gifting of a bed would make your life pleasurable.
40.Gifting of rosary , seat, sacred ash  , Sandal wood paste would give a happy life in next birth.
41.Giving of food would lead you to heaven after death. It also would make you get food, when you are in need of it.

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