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Sins to be avoided

Sins to be avoided
Srivathsa Somadeva Sharma
Translated by
Every religion believes that  we should not do sins  and if we do it God would punish us.  Ofcourse  the list of sins and the punishment that we would get  differs slightly from religion to religion.  Hinduism believes  that every one should desist  from doing sins. This list of  sins is  collected  and given by a great Scholar  called  Srivathsa Somadeva Sarma. This material is the English translation of the information that he has given in a book called  “Stotra ChinthamanI”  published in Tamil by  Sri Surabhi Jagatguru Publications , Madras in the year 1998.Most of these sins are normal acts  which we should do to a health life.  Even if you do not believe in them, Why not try not  to do them and see for yourself whether they are true or not?

1.Troubling others
2. Talking ill of others
3.Stealing property of others
4.Desiring the wife of another person
5.Leaving out  rituals prescribed for us.
6.Not doing acts  proscribed by Sastras.
7.Sleeping in dawn
8.Sleeping in day time.
9.Biting the  nails.
10.Eating food without taking bath.
11.Eating food without chanting God’s name or prayers.
12.Eating food without offering it to God.
13.Eating food  without offering it  to the guest.
14.Finding fault with God.
15.Not standing up and saluting when elders come.
16.Eating food on Ekadasi day . Using Thamboola on that day.
17.Berating  girls without reason and making them cry
18.Lying down, eating food and  sleeping at dusk
19.Making husband and wife quarrel.
20.Answering natures calls while standing.
21.Drinking water   standing
22.Sleeping  with head pointed towards north or eating facing north.
23 Spitting in water. Answering natures call in water
24.Not putting caste marks on the forehead.
25.Drinking milk in the day time and curd at night time.
26.Scratching head using both hands.
27.Answering natures calls facing the sun, temple and cow.
28.Cleaning  of  one leg using the  other leg.
29.Keeping lamp , bell  Durba grass, Garland of gems on  the  earth.
30.Addressing elders disrespectfully  (Yeka vachanam)
31.Waking up people who are  sleeping.
32.Throwing stones in the pond.
33.Seeing the sun during sun rise and sun set.
34.Calling elders using their names.
35.Bragging about oneself..


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