Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father’s day

Father’s day

A poem by,

If there  is a day  for the elephant,
They  all say that  there would be one to the  mouse too,
And so since    there   is a mother’s day  ,
There should be one to the father too .

Mother carried us all  with  great suffering and  sweet dreams,
And she delivered us all  after   very great  pains,
It was she   who was   at  our bedside  all the time ,
When we   were  greatly sick and suffering,

It was the father   who  worked  hard and struggled ,
All the time  , so that   we eat what we like ,
So that   we  get educated   as per our dreams ,
And start the life  the way that   we want .

True   he shouted   at us when he was angry,
True   , he hugged us   when we were down,
True  he  loved  us as much as our Mamma ,
But he   never knew how  to show that he also  loved us .

Ler us not  make the father’s day  , a day  of  the  mouse ,
But  let us hug him  , spoil him   with what he wants,
And   tell him  that   we love  him  ,

As  much as we love ourselves  and our Mamma

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