Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mook poi-The first video children's story from Raja Thatha

Video  of Raja Thatha  telling   a story to his grand daughter
(With a humble  request from Thatha   to send it to  as many  homes with little  children as possible)
Once upon a time there  was a boy called Raja   in a small hamlet called Chelakkara  in Kerala. His infanthood was spent in  hearing stories mainly from his father and so many mamas and Mamis in the village  . As soon as he started  reading, he became an voracious reader. His father   used to subscribe to a Tamil magazine called  Ambulimama and  Raja read those stories with lot of interest. Possibly when he was about ten years old he started  telling stories to other children.  The children of the village used to flock around him to hear his stories. He seemed to have an inexhaustible  collection of stories with him.  Fate   decided to take him to Secunderabad for school studies,. He became  initially an avid   reader of all the folk tales, Vikramadhithan Kadhai,  Madanakamarajan kadhai  , Brihath kadha manjari   and  later hundreds  and thousands of novels . When he visited his village   during vacation , he was in great demand  for telling stories, Raja Anna became , Raja Mama , the story teller to his nephews and his cousin brother’s children .He continued this with his children  and then to  his grand children. Soon Raja Mama became  Raja Thatha and his darling daughter Mrs.MeeraVenkatesan  made him write all the stories he  remembered and created an extremely popular   web site. Possibly  Raja  Thatha was becoming  old   and so  his daughter Meera   wanted to him  to leave   his treasure of stories in the spoken form to  his children , his grand children  and to  the very large number of admirers and fans as an invaluable inheritance . The first of the stories has been uploaded  as a video. More will follow. I am sure each of them will accept this great treasure  with joy  and shed tears of joy .Rajja THatha wants to thank Meera   who made it possible  and Yamini for acting as a listener. I hope all  of you would enjoy seeing it and then show to your children and  also recommend it to your friends.

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