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Who are Sons?

 Who are Sons?



        Sanathkumara, the son of Dharma Deva once approached Lord Brahma to learn Sankhya yoga. Lord Brahma agreed to teach him, provided he became his adopted son. Sanathkumara agreed to become the son of Lord Brahma but he told him that unless he was given in adoption by his parents, it would not be of any use. Then he listed 12 different kinds of Sons one can have .They are:- Sons with Rina dhana pinda adhikara, gothra samya and kula vruthi (Son who is responsible for your debts, who can inherit your wealth, who can perform death ceremonies to you, who can claim to be of your gothra and who can do the family’s profession)

Ourasa- he who is an image of oneself, who is born of oneself (Normal son)
Kshethraja- When the husband is impotent or mad or diseased, the child got by the wife through somebody else, obeying her husband’s wishes.
Datha-One who is given by his parents (adopted son with the consent of his parents)
Krithrima-A friend’s Son given by him willingly
Gudolpanna- One who does not know who is his father is (adopted orphan)
Apavidha-One who was lost and found out (adopted missing child) Only Gothra nama (Son who can claim to be of your Gothra and nothing else)
 Kaneena-Girl born to unwed mother
Sahoda- One who was brought up along with one’s children
Kritha-One who was purchased
 Pounarbhavan- A son born to a girl who was given to some body in marriage and again given to some body else.
Swayam Datha-Who gives himself to a family due to poverty or other reasons Parasavan-Son born from a shudhra mother to a Brahmin.  

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