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First ever love letter written in the world-Rugmani to Krishna

First   ever love letter written in the world-Rugmani to Krishna
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(Without any doubt the epics/Puranas  of India are   the   first books   ever composed by men. Right   from the Vedas , the first epic  Ramayana written by sage Valmiki  , large number  of love stories abound  but it is in  the great Bhagwatha   there are several  love stories. The first and intense love story   in Bhagwatha  was  perhaps the love  story  of Gopis  and Radha with the child Krishna .After this period Lord Krishna  kills  his uncle Kamsa  and then becomes the king itself. It was at this time , Rugmani , the princess of Vidharbha falls  in love with Lord Krishna after  hearing about him and seeing his painting. Her father   fixes her marriage with  Sisupala , the king of Chedhi kingdom . Rugmani then  sends a love letter to Sri Krishna , in the hands  of a Brahmin. (When a controversy arose whether  she   really wrote a letter or only send a message before Lord Guruvayrappan , then it seems the Lord Confirmed  by saying that   he indeed  received  the letter)  After seeing the letter, Krishna sends a positive reply through the messenger Brahmin   and as per   suggestion of Rugmani    abducts her  from the Parvathi temple  . This letter occurs in Bhagawatha purana in the Dasama Skandam  in the fifty second chapter from  verse number  37-43.I am giving below only the  English translation. .What a remarkable love letter composed by a very young princess addressed to the Lord of all. You can find the Sanskrit original  in  the blog of Sri Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan  viz He also is a  given a great translation . )

37.Oh  Achyutha,  the prettiest of the world , I have  heard about  all  about your  character,
Which  entered in to my heart through  my ears and took away  all pains of my heart,
And I also have  heard about   your pretty appearance  which blesses  all  those   who posses   eyes,
And due to that  my heart had decided to accept you as my husband   after driving  away  all the shyness from me .
38.Oh Mukunda, which  noble high born maiden would not desire  to have you   as her husband,
When she reaches   the age   when she is permitted  to  choose   to wed,
Oh lion among men , as  you are , the joy in the mind of people  , happiness of the world,
Incomparable  from  points of view like heredity , good conduct, wisdom  , handsomeness  and opulence
39.So I have chosen   you    as my husband , oh  lord   of my soul and  I have given my body  to you,
And so  be pleased   to take me    as your wife  so that , Sisupala the prince of Chedhi ,
Does not take me  away from here  since  I am the property  of the brave one like you,
Similar to a   fox taking away    the prey  of a lion , to defile   it, Oh lotus eyed one.
40.If it is true that  that I have pleased the great   divine God , who rules the universe,
By  doing acts like  digging of wells and tanks, building of temples, giving away of food grains,
Laying out gardens, observing penances , conducting sacrifices. Giving gifts as charity , worship of elders and Gods
May the elder brother of mace  , Sri Krishna and not the Sisupala , the son of Damagosha  hold my hand. 
41.After reaching Vidharbha  secretly   , on the day    before the wedding day,
Surrounded   by your    great army   and their  generals,
Oh Lord , who cannot be defeated  , you please defeat the army  and generals of Chedhi and Vidharbha ,
And be pleased to marry   me adopting the Rakshasa(a secret form)   form of marriage   as a prize to  your valour.
42.If you ask me with great shock, “How would  I ever marry you   without killing ,
The ladies and your relatives   in  your palace  , as you are  living in your  guarded maiden house?”
I would like   to tell you   about a method    to avoid   that  catastrophe ,
As there would be great festivities in my palace    on the previous night  ,
When    as a bride  I would be going to the temple of Goddess Parvathi, the daughter of Himalayas.
43,Oh Lord With lotus eyes , If I do not meet   your approval and cannot touch the dust of your feet,
Which is sought  by many incomparable  ones  including  the great souls of the consort of Uma,
I would   sacrifice  my life  from the body  which is already weakened by fasts  and then  take hundreds of birth
With the hope  that  every time   that I am reborn , I would be able  reach to your lotus feet  some  day.


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Rengasamy Ramaswami said...

What a beautiful letter, praising Krishna, conveying her feelings, suggesting ways of taking her. Thanks for the translation.