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Sri Vashisteswara Temple, Thittai-Temple of Guru

Sri Vashisteswara Temple, Thittai-Temple  of Guru

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Elango Kadhirvel 

(Today  Lord Guru is moving from Kadaka Rasi    to Simha Rasi.THis is celebrated in a great way  in Thittai  Vasishteswarar temple where  Lord Guru has a seperate Sannidhi,)

Ø  Village of Thittai, 11 kilometres from the town of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Ø  The temple dates from the 12th century AD and was built by the Chola Kings

Other Name
Ø  As the village is situated south of the River Cauvery, it is also called "Thenkudi Thittai"

Ø  Lord Shiva as Sri Vashisteswara
Ø  Goddess Parvathi as Sri UlakaNaayaki
Ø  Raja Dakshinamoorthy – Raja GURU
o   This is one of the holy places with Jupiter - Guru significance
o   Guru Bhagavan graces here from a separate shrine in a standing posture showing his sense of haste to rush to the rescue of His devotees
This year Jupiter transit (Guru Peyarchi) takes place on Sunday, the 5th of July 2015 based on "Vakya Panchanga" and on Tuesday, the 14th of July 2015 based on "ThirukaNitha Panchanga"

Ø  "Thittai", the name of the village means "Thittu" in Tamil, (ie.) a Mound
Ø  When the whole world was surrounded by water because of Pralaya, Brahma & Vishnu worshipped Lord Maheshwara for protection
Ø  After wandering much for a safe place, they found this only mound, which did not drown in the Pralaya waters, where there was a Shiva Linga
Ø  They performed Pooja to the Linga and worshipped Lord Shiva, WHO appeared before Them and delegated Their duties of Creation and Protection
Ø  It is believed that this is the only place, which was not destroyed even during Pralaya
Ø  There is a near similar story for the Sirkali Temple
Ø  As Maharshi Vasishta had his hermitage here to worship Lord Shiva here, Lord Shiva here is praised as Sri Vashisteswara


Water drops falling on The Shiva Linga
Ø  A unique feature of the temple is that drops of water fall on the Linga from above, every twenty minutes
Ø  It is said that this is because of the presence of the precious stones called “Surya Kaantha Kal” and “Chandra Kaantha Kal” in the vimana which absorb moisture from air and create water in them
Ø  And it is this water generated by the stones that falls down in drops on the LINGA

Raja GURU - Raja Dakshinamoorthy
Ø  This is probably the only place in the world where Guru Bhagavan has a separate Sannidhi and separate Vimana between Sri Vashisteswara and Sri Lokanaayaki Sannidhis
Ø  We see Guru Bhagavan who is the Raja Guru, in standing posture with 4 hands holding his weapons and a book

Chakra Theertha
Ø  The temple tank situated opposite the temple is called "Chakra Theertha" which is believed that it was created by the Chakra (Discus) from the hands of Sri MahaVishnu

Ancient Tamil Hymn on Sri Vashisteswara
Tamil Text
நாரணன்தன்னொடு நான்முகன்தானும்ஆய்,காரணன்(ன்) அடி முடி காண ஒண்ணான் இடம் -ஆரணம்கொண்டு பூசுரர்கள் வந்து அடி தொழ,சீர் அணங்கும் புகழ்த் தென்குடித்திட்டையே
-          திருஞானசம்பந்த சுவாமிகள்

Transliterated Text
NaaraNan-thannodu NaanMukan thaanum aai
kaaraNan adi mudi kaaNa oNNaan idam –
AaraNam-kondu Poosurarkal vanthu adi thozha,
Seer aNankum pugzhal thenkudithittaiye

Translated Text
ThenKudiThittai, is the place of Lord Shiva (Sri Vashisteswara)
HE is the Cause of all things
HIS begin and end cannot be deciphered (even by the combined efforts of Sri Narayana and Sri Brahma)
The devout Worship HIS FEET at Thittai, chanting and singing HIS Hymns

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