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AVani Avitta (Upakarma) Manthras for Yajur, Rig and Samaveda in the year 2015.

AVani Avitta  (Upakarma) Manthras   for  Yajur, Rig and Samaveda  in the year 2015.
    I have been giving    every  year the Upakarma procedure for the past  15 years for the use of people  who are not able  to get a priest  for guiding them in the procedure. Since such  eventuality would mostly occur  in case of people  living abroad, along with Sankalpa I have been giving   the  duration  of the Thithi and Nakshatra   and the time when it changes   so that according to time difference from India  , they can modify their Sankalpas.
    Avani avittam or Upakarma  is definitely not    the change of Poonal as  indicated  by a  popular TV serial recently. The Change of Poonal  is only a purificatory ceremony  which is a prelude  to the Upakarma  procedure . Once  the Yagnopavita  is changed , the  Brahmin  prays God  to  pardon   all the minor  and  major sins that  he has done during the  previous one year. This is followed by a  Vedic  procedure  which aims   to satisfy  the Devas , Rishis  and Pithrus by giving them Arghyam.After this the  Brahmin starts   reading the Vedas. The Chanting of the Vedas   should be done under guidance of  a Guru   who has learned  to chant Vedas , definitely   not by reading it but hearing  and repeating it properly. Because of this  I have not been giving  the Vedas  in English script.
  Yajur Vedis do upakarma   on the Pournami day of the Sravana month.  For Rig Vedis  , Pournami is not important but Sravana star  is important  . .The Sama Vedis observe Upakarma    during the Hastha Nakshatra of the avani month.This year   there are two opinions when the Rig Vedis should do Upakarma. Majority   of the people feel that   it should  be on 28th  August but a few feet that  it should be on 24th September. I have given manthras   for both cases   for this year. Please follow the date recommended by  your family priest(Acharya).I have not been able to get the Upakarma Manthras for Bodhayana  Suthra   and Shukla  Yajurveda and so I have not put them.  But  I have given the Bodhayana  Brahma Yajna procedure  in the end of Yajurvedi  Upakarma manthras. Large number of people put  Upakarma manthras  on line .Some of them even putr it in Devanagari  and some in Tamil. People who would prefer  that should wait and search   for these   after about a month. The upakarma manthras  put by me   can be  got from the following URl’s.
1.Yajur Veda  Upakarma Manthras 2015(29-8-2015)  --

          May  God bless  you all .Ramachander

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