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An elegy of Bharatratna MS by Bharatharathna Kalam

The  divine music born out of music of Yaazh*,
You   would remain as  music  in  the heaven too .

An elegy  to the   empress of music  , the Bharata  rathna MS  Amma

Bharata  Rathna Abdul Kalam, the president  ruling  the heart of people.

Translated  by

   (We were  the fortunate  generation who  had the chance to hear ,  the music  from Smt.M.S.Subbalakshmi  , the nightingale of music, the empress of music  and  the  ocean of music whose voice used   to melt even the  people  who had  a heart like  stone. One among us  who was enchanted  by  her musical saga  is  Sri.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam   the people’s president , a great scientist  and one   who has  occupied   the minds of all us   by his  utter  simplicity  and great love and here  is the translation  of the  song that  he wrote  while travelling  in a plane   after  hearing  the   news of the passing away of MS  to heaven. I am not able to bring out  the deep  hurt  and sorrow  that  Sri Kalam’s heart suffered  due to that sorrowful news. I know  among  my friends  in face book  are several musicologists. I appeal to  them all to put in   their effort to  bring out a Carnatic music Krithi  out of this elegy   commemorating his emotions  of a great man   in missing  the great lady   who ruled all our hearts  through her songs.)

You are  the seven note  music   born out  of the music of Yaazh,
What  your music   gave  was  peace and sweetness,
Along with  wealth of music   you also gave ,
The monetary wealth  in heaps and heaps  ,
And you also gave a chance to God to wonder about the greatness  of human voice.
Thousands and thousands of the  human beings got drenched in the epic  mercy of yours and became happy,
Our heart  got drenched and happy in the sweet    tone of  your musical voice
After  giving  wealth in  to the ears , joy in the mind, joy in the heart   in heaps  and heaps
As a season of spring , as music of Yaazh, you stole  our heart  for the past  eighty years,
And like  the seven note  music  , you also occupied  our entire  heart.
The  acme of the world of  women who wore the garland of Madhyamavathi,
The Bharataratna who made great  contribution to SriRaga  and made great  achievements in devotional music ,
You are the very great contribution  who gave time for us  to know about the music of Tansen,
You are the one  who stole  the heart of Annamacharya, Purandara   dasa   
And those three  great  musicians   who created magic,
And  like  the philanthropic   river   which  had  merged  in the  ocean of time ,
Your voice made  the tamil music that   stole   the  heart, to   flower and bloom.
The  crop of music which you praised  and nurtured , has merged  in to our heart, body and blood.
And gave  music   to music which  lives in this world,  luxuriously getting its soul with the growth of time ,
And though   you left this world  and has   gone  to the world of God ,
You who have been living  as  sensibility in billions and billions of hearts  ,
Would live   in the  divine world   of God   as Music.
*Yaazh was an ancient stringed musical instrument of TamilNadu.

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