Sunday, December 9, 2018

How does a person grows up in life?

How  does a person  grows up in life?


I read in Tamil  post   that

The middle part of the body is belly.
The middle part of our life span is forty.
AS long as live  , you will be like   you were  forty,
Do not  allow   your belly   to bulge , after  forty,
Do not allow   your pride   to increase  after  forty,
For these  determine  whether  you are  going to,
Live  a healthy life  physically  and mentally,

Looks   alright   to me   to a large  extent,
But  I  who am nearing eighty , am not,
Like   the person I was   when I was forty,
Both physically   as   well  as  mentally.

Then  I remembered  a story that I read long back

It seems  God  Brahma  created .
A man, monkey, bull, owl and python,
At the same time   and allotted   to ,
Man twenty years  and all others  forty years.

The man  who could imagine  how his   life,
Would be   begged  God     for some  more years to live,
All other   animals    which were   watching  this,
Surrendered   twenty years  of life , which God gave to  man

Man up to the  age of twenty  lives life got from monkey,
From twenty to forty  , the life   that   he got from the  bull,’
From  forty to sixty he lives  the  life    of a  man,
From Sixty to eighty he  lives   like an owl,
And from   eighty   to hundred he lives like a python

It is   for you  all to decide  which theory  is true?

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