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The great Guruvayurappan temple in Houston

The  great Guruvayurappan temple  in Houston
( temple where  wearing half pants  for both sexes  over  age  10 is  banned.)

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The  great Guruvayurappan  temple  in Housten opened  in may 2015. A correspondent writes  about the temple
The deity in this temple is Krishna  and avatar of Vishnu . The rock star of the Hindu pantheon and when I say it Iam not overdoing it You will also observe that representations of other Vishnu avatars will be scattered around the temple complex . Lookout for koorma(tortoise) , Garuda (the bird ) statues . If you have been to the baps temple in Houston and observed the deities you will see the stark difference in the architecture . While the baps stresses on carved figures , use of marble and colorful life like deities the kerala temple will have  an architecture predominantly based on stone stucco brass and paintings . This is also the general difference between temple architectures between north and south India .
The temple has a layered architecture with a mini chuttambalam ( outer temple ) . Here you can see a granite pathway instead of the chuttambalam to go around the sanctum . and a sreekovil ( inner sanctum ) . The sanctum is where the deity resides . The deity is treated as a living being and is woken up fed , bathed and dressed and put to sleep everyday . Each of these activities will have a specific name depending on the time of the day this activity is performed .
Also checkout the vilakku maadam or the multi tiered brass lamps in front of the temple . The top of this lamp will have a figure of Garuda the half bird half man vehicle of god Vishnu , he is placed as if looking at the deity and praying . The other multi tiered lamps are made of stone and placed on figures of tortoises which is one of the avatars of Vishnu .
The temple architecture is multi tiered . This was traditionally done to withstand monsoons and floods in kerala . Although traditionally wood is used for skeleton this temple is predominantly concrete.
There is a strict dress code in the temple . I have attached a picture . Videography and photography is prohibited in the temple unless you have special permission from authorities . Deities cannot be photographed . There is a large shoe rack outside the temple as shown in pictures .
There is an outer tent for Pooja of vehicles and devotees are offered sacred food on certain days . This is called annadanam and the details can be found outside the temple main office adjacent to the tent for vehicle poojas .
There are 2 gates to the temple and ample parking . 

11620 Ormandy St
Houston, TX 77035
Fondren Southwest
 Get Directions
 Phone number(713) 729-8994
 Business websiteguruvayurappanhouston.org
The temple  works from 6 Am to 9 Am and evening  from 6 to 8.30 PM on normal days and 6 Am to 12 Noon  and 530 Pm  to 8 Pm  in the week ends

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