Friday, August 8, 2008

Hubby, lend me your ears!

Hubby, lend me your ears!
Muthu.Shanthi, Vizhuppuram,
Mangayar Malar, pp16, August 2008
Translation attempt by,

You would very often gulp,
The tasty food that I cook,
Prepared with lots of thought and care.
You would sit erect and silent,
Without even seeing me,
Who am going round and round,
Expecting the words, “That was super, darling.”

When I say I am sick,
You would without interest ask,
In a short, swift and single line,
“Can’t you go to the doctor?”

Do all men become deaf,
When they become husbands, darling?

I do not want any thing great from you,
But hubby, please lend me your ears,
What I need are just a few caring words,
A little smile to console me,
A little touch with friendliness,
A little gift on festive occasions,
A caress of my hair with care,
Few little words to ask me how I am,
And few words praising me,
But not only dresses and Jewels as you seem to think,
Please lend me your ears, hubby.

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