Friday, August 8, 2008

Slaves to some one!

Slaves we prefer to some one foreign


Slaves to someone foreign we were,

To the moguls from the Persian coast,

To the merchants who came from a tiny island next.

And then some one led us to what some call freedom,

But our leaders great led us to ideology that killed men in cold,

Imported from a country which told that all are one,

And we never thought a second to become its slave.

Leaders changed but again another ideology came,

From the land which was a universal police,

Calling it freedom and slaves to it we are almost now,

Of this ideology which some one foreign calls great..

To the lady from Italy we can easily be slaves,

For we are tired of ideas and search of persons foreign.

But that great lady thought in a different tune,

And preferred to be our master through a bearded man.

I only wonder which country we will choose next?

1 comment:

Vyazz said...

Quite an insightful poem. :)