Monday, August 4, 2008

THe misery of being old in India!

When I was young, the old people were respected citizens, possibly because they had money and the youngsters were dependent on that. Times have changed now.The serior citizens , both man and women, do have money now but it is much , much less than their son and daughter.
In my young age, all youngsters thaought that it is their responsibility to look after their parents. I know how much suffering and sacrifice is involved in such a decision.. But they did it. Young people are more busy and more self centered nowadays. They think, their responsibility is over , if , they can appoint a nurse to look after their ailing parents and give them money o live an old age home. When a woman or man becomes sick, the first , thought that comes to his mind is helplessness, insecurity, and fear. Sons and daughters do come , admit them in the hospital, give the best treament possible. But beyond a few days, they cannot stay. Their poor mother or father is left alone to look after their respective partners. I do not find any solution.Do you? Ramachander


Mahesh said...

Dear Sir,

I fully agree with the fact that it has become a serious evil that is ailing our society.

I think the following if practised by our society can help arrest this trend.

a.Living the way we used to in the yester years as joint family.

b.Remembering that we will also get older and would need help and support.

c.By putting a ceiling on our desires for materialistic goals (half of them are unrealistic).

d.Making legislation that would make sure that Father/Mother are not left to fend for themselves when they are critically ill and need support from dear ones.

e.Lastly by remembering the famous proverb 'Thaan vidachathu thaane koyum' (You will reap as you sow).

It was really nice reading your articles and it definitely would become a torch of light for young people like me in the days to come.


giridhar raghavasimhan said...

The misrey of being old in india

giridhar raghavasimhan

dear sir i do agree with u partially, but the responsibility also depends on upbringing of the children...i have seen my father taking care of his parents and his in-laws, he was a right model without any contradictions.....and the cycle continues....i came back from usa ....leaving my and my wife take care of my parents and inlaws.i will not tell my son that usa is the only goal in life....there are other things..if we teach our kids materialism we will also get what we teach from them.....if u teach them love they will show love and i request all the parents be first good role models in their deeds and u will get them back in ur old age

Seethalakshmi Iyer said...

I understand. My amma is 84, appa died on 78, he said fo not worry your daughters
Would take care. She being the 7th child o f 9 , looked aftsr our grandpa till he turned 97. She sold her gold bangles for ths shortfall but no regrets. I live in Bangalore, work in SBI both the kids husband returned to his village KMU where servant, brahmin cook, drlp inv visitors blew away boredome. I find the empty nest syndrome, an epidemic. Guide us , we xhall evolve something, like a day out, emergency day care...