Friday, August 8, 2008

Pradheep, IV standard, B section


Surya Suresh

(Aval Vikatan, October 27, 2006)

Translated By


Oh mummy dear, unfortunately your Bus,

Always daily comes before my auto.

When I return from school,

To an empty home, mummy dear,

It appears to me as if there is nothing there.

Mummy, you who return home at nine P.M daily,

And daddy who will try to come by eleven,

Appear as some hazy shadows to me,

When I dream of you both at my school.

Nowadays I am bored stiff

With Tom and Jerry and POGO TV,

I am tired of the snacks in the Fridge

And your endearing voice in cell phone, Mummy

Why is it that you who are an ace,

In setting up the drawing room, Mummy,

Are not able to understand me

Who thirsts for your loving touch?

Like you who know how to postpone

Household work to Sundays,

I have also become an expert

In postponing my hankerings for your love.

The house maid who looks after me,

Becomes a temporary Mummy to me,

During those times I feel that

It would be better, if I am born to her.

To make people understand

That I am your son, Mummy

You always brag about

How well I do in my class,

What are you going to do,

To make me understand that ,

You are my Mummy, dear?

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