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Dwara Palakas of Hindu Gods

Dwara  Palakas   of Hindu  Gods

Written based  on a  Malayalam write up,

   Whenever   we visit any the sanctum sanctorum(Garbha Graham)  Hindu temple   we see  two statues  on both side of the doors .These  are  the   gate keepers of the concerned God  and are called  his/her dwara  palakas.

   Whenever   the priests  want to  open the  doors of the Garbha Graha  , he tolls the bell and  seeks the permission of   these  gurads   to enter in to the temple. They  then salute the DWara  Palakas and enter the temple,

A list of Dwara palakas  of different Gods  is given below.This  has been taken from a Malayalam write up    and so  it may be  applicable to only  Kerala. The first dwarapalaka   is on the left and second one on the right’

1.Temples   of Lord  Krishna

a.By side of the   sanctum sanctorum  - Chanda   and Prachanda
b. The gate previous   to the sanctum -  Sankhata  and Chakrota
c,  The two gates   previous to sanctum- Jaya    and Vijaya
d. Three  gates  previous to sanctum –Bhadraya and Subhadraya
e.The  first   entrance to temple –Dhathri-  Vidathri

2. Temples  of Lord Shiva

  The  dwara  palakas  are  Vimala   and  Subahu

3. Godess  Parvathi/Lalitha

   The dwara  Palakas are  Sankha nidhi and Pama Nidhi

4.Lord  Ganesa

   The  Dwara Palakas are   Vikata   and Bhima


1.Before   the sanctum-Jaya and Vijaya
2.Previous door   -Sudeha and  Sumuha

6.Lord  Ayyappa
   The Dwara palakas   are  KOchu Kadutha swami   and  Valiya  Kadutha Swami

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