Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day of retirement for him not to her?

Day  of retirement for him not to her?


One  day  he came back  from office ,
With a useless  flower bouquet,
And  equally   useless  painting  ,
And told , I have retired from service”

That night  he called all his family members,
And told  “I have been working hard   for  the sake of all of you,
All these   years   from   ten am   to five pm,
And from now  on “I  am not going   to do anything”

Next day , he woke  up to find    that,
His entire  home was dark  with no activity,
To prepare filter  coffee  in the kitchen,
And he turned  to see his wife   sleeping

He shouted  at her   to get  up  and,
His wife replied “all these   years ,
I too have been working ,all   through ,
The day   and night   without any rest.

For you to go   to office at  nine am,
I used to get  up   at four in the morning.
To prepare  your food  and   make   ready,
All  our children   to go to school,

After  ten, I should  go and buy.
Groceries   and vegetables  ,
Go to the bank to draw  money,
And to pay several bills which are due.

Then  by the time  , I take  my lunch at ,
Three in the afternoon, children ,
Would return  from school   and I should ,
Work hard  to prepare modern dishes they like

By that time  it would   be  five in the evening ,
And I would   rush   to my room   to become.
A presentable   beauty, when I open the door,
For you   to see and be happy  when I open the door.

Then from then on , I would    spin like   a top,
To give you all  good food that you like  ,
Clean the vessels. Clean the house  and so on,
When you would be taking rest  for the work that you  have done.

Then after   every work is over   and I join  you,
In our sleeping room, you well know how much   I took rest ,
Yesterday  you retired   and I also   have decided,
To retire  completely    from today onwards

I know   that  you will not   welcome   the idea,
Nor give me a useless bouquet and a garland ,
But you will start  shouting  , so that  every one hears,
“There  is no retirement or pension for the wife.”

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