Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ten commandments of Maha Periyava

Ten commandments  of Maha Periyava

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(Read in tamil the meaningful commandments  of Maha Periyava  and made  an attempt  to translate it)

1.As soon  as you wake up,  pray God for  at least  for 2 minutes

2.Pray that  the day  should be good-- for you and  for every one

3.Think about  our  sacred rivers,  mother cow,  Chiranjeevis,  Saptha  kanyakas  etc

4.Every week  visit  the nearest temple and pray  to God  there

5.Love  your  friends and relatives and also  every one

6. Daily  set apart some food for animals  and birds  before  you eat.

7.Daily  give  in charity to others as  much as possible to you

8.Daily wear  on your forehead the religious marks like  Vibhoothi, Namam , gopi , kumkumam etc

9.Before retiring   to bed make a self audit  of the good and bad that  you  have done that day

10.Before you sleep chant   the name of God 108 times

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