Friday, January 11, 2019

Reading glasses(vellezhuthu kannadi/kitta parvai kannadi) hawker in USA

Reading glasses(vellezhuthu kannadi/kitta parvai kannadi) hawker in USA


  Long long back , my father who used to read  a lot , told me that  he  is not able  to read  because  he  has Vellezhuthu. Few   days  later there was a temple  festival  in our village. My father  took me to the festival  and unusually went  to the place  hawkers  used to sit.One  of them was  selling Mooku Kannadi( spectacles).My father tried a few , chose one , haggled  with a hawker paid him two rupees   and brought  a  mooku kannadi, From then on , I have  always  seen him wear it. ,   never  went to opthomologist  and used to buy  spectacles  from hawkers for either  two or three  rupees.

    Times  rolled by.I crossed 40 years of age,  and suddenly I was  not able to read. I went to opthomologist and he prescribed me glasses , charged me 40 rupees and sent me to a spectacle  shop , who charged me  around 200 rs.My friend  told me  that I have  Chaleswaram. When I blinked  he told me  that  when you are “Chalis oopar” you get this disease. When  I forget the  spectacles  or it gets 
broken or lost I used  to spend   several  hundred rupees(later at least thousand rupees ) to get a new spectacle. Slowly I started  wearing plastic lens but about 5 years back my opthomologist recommended me  to buy a reading glass for just 200 rupees.Ofcourse I did not.

    Recently I forgot my spectacles in a temple. My  son told me that my eye exam would cost  around 200$  and a spectacle  itself would cost around  another 200$.My son and me travelled 60 km and got back  the  spectacles and  left out of a sigh of relief.

    Today I happened  to go to  “Dollar  central store” and to my surprise “reading spectacles” of any power was available there   for just one Dollar.I recollected the hawker  who used  to  sell spectacles   to my father and purchased a suitable one , for emergency  and came back.Now  as long as I am in USA, I need not worry about loss  or breakage  of reading glasses. I can solve my problem by spending one dollar

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