Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jai Bharathi Vandhe Bharathi

Jai Bharathi  Vandhe  Bharathi

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(This is a great prayer song addressed to  our country  which was  sung by Bharatha Rathna Lataji  in the film  Jagadguru Shankaracharya. Hear it sung by her )

1.Sar pe  Himalay  ka  Chathr hai,
Charanom  mein  nadhiyaan yekathr  hai,
Hathon  mein Vedon ka  Pathr  hai  ,
Desh  nahi  iysaa anyathr  hai  ,
Jai Bharathi  Vandhe  Bharathi

1.On your head   is the   roof of Himalayas,
On your  feet all  the  rivers   are  unified,
In your hands are  the  book  of Vedas,
No other  country  is there like  this elsewhere,
Victory to India , Salutations   to  India.

2.Dhooyen sey  paavan   yeah  vyom hai,
Ghar ghar  mein   hotha  jahan hom hai,
Pulakith   hamare  rom rom  hain,
Adhi ananth  sabdh   Om  hain,
Jai Bharathi  Vandhe  Bharathi  ,
Vandhe Matharam  , Vandhe Matharam.

2,Its  sky   is   filled   with  the divine smoke ,
For each house  in it   there  is a  sancrificial fire,
Horripilated  are   each and every  hair  root of ours  ,
By  the  primeval   never  ending   sound of “Om”,
Victory to India, Salutations to India ,
Salutations  to the mother , salutations   to the mother

3.Jis bhoomi  pe janm liyaa  Rama ne,
Gita sunayi   jahan Shyam ne  ,
Pavan banaaya   charon  Dham ne  ,
Swarg bi lajaye   jiske samne  ,
Vandhe  Matharam, Vandhe  Matharam.

3. The land in which    was born lord Rama  ,
The Land  in which Lord Krishna  taught Gita,
The land which was made holy by  Char Dham,
Even the heavens   would  become shy compared to  her,

Salutations to the mother , Salutations to the mother

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