Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scry situation after my outlook mail has been hacked

Hacking of my outlook account-raja-thatha at outlook dot com 
My mail has been haked.AS soon as he did it the hacker changed my phone number, contact alternate e-mail Id and password and sending a message to all my contacts that I am stranded in LOndon and I am in need of 1500 pounds and has given an address in LOndon with my name attached to it.I have been fighting with outlook all the 24 hours to get my account closed .Nothing is happening as I do not have password to access the account. The alternative is to fill a huge questionnaire and I did it some ten times again with no effect 
    Once similar thing happened in case of gmail and I could close it  .

If you have a message send it to ramacnder926 at gmail dot com , Puducode Rama Iyer Ramachander

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S N Murthy Vemparalla said...

I did receive this email: I did not respond, as I suspected it to be fraud.

I'm in London, and urgently in need of your help. Please send me �1,500 to enable me to complete my activities here. I will refund you as soon as I return.
Send it through Western Union Money Transfer with this information.
Receiver: Puducode Ramachander.
Location: 35 Great Russell Street London, WC1B 3PP, United Kingdom.