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Where was Kishkinda according to Ramayana ?

Where was Kishkinda  according to Ramayana ?


      People  in the Kerala believe that the Rishyamooka   and Kishkinda mountains   were near   the Pampa   river  on the way to Sabari  Mala. Many of the on line   references    believe it  as a  place  some where  near present day Hampi .Let us examine  where was Kishkinda  according  to Ramayana .Fortunately this can be easily answered  because  when the  four monkey groups are  formed  for search of  Sita . In Valmiki  Ramayana  Sugreeva instructs each group    at Kishkinda as to what are  rivers , places and mountains which they may   find on their way . Though  I am not an  expert of the geography  of  the ancient India  of Rama’s time  , Sugreeva does  mention many  places  which we are  all familiar . However in Kamba Ramayanam the  instructions  of the way to  South  only is give,  .Below  is  the list those   familiar places/rivers/mountains    which  we  are  familiar    according  to Valmiki Ramayana   and Kamba Ramayana. From this it is clear   that  Kishkinda  is  north  to Vindhya mountains according to both Ramayanams  .The Indications of Valmiki Ramayana   is  that Kishkinda   is  a place   somewhere   the middle   of present day  Madhya  Pradesh , possibly on the far   western  side of the state  .This location   agrees with indications given  in Kamba Ramayana   also.

A.Valmiki  Ramayana

1.East  of Kishkinda
    Rivers : Ganges  , Sarayu   and Yamuna, Sindhu
    Countries  .Videha(mithila)  , Malwa, Kasi  , KOsala, Magadha, Bengal 

2. South of Kishkinda
Rivers  :Krishna  , Godavari   and Cauvery
Countries; Avanthi , Vidarbha  , Andhra  , Pandya, chola   and Lanka

3.West  of KIshkinda
Rivers  :Several small rivers which flow to the western ocean enmeshed by mountains  (looks like India’s west coast)
Countries  SAurashtra, Avanthi

4.North  of Kishkinda
Countries  Countries of Mlechas, Yavanas  , Kurus ,  and Khambhoja
  Mountain   Himalayas , Mainaka

B:Kamba   Ramayana

South of Kishkinda:-

Mountain Vindhya,THirupathi mountain,  Podigai
Rivers Narmada , Pennai, Godavari  , Cauvery, Tamravarni  
Countries  Vidharbha  , Konkana , CHozha

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