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Manshya thu bada Mahan hai- A patriotic hindi poem

Manshya  thu  bada  Mahan  hai- A hindi  poem

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(Here  is a great poem  bringing  out the  greatness  of human beings whose mother land is India .You can hear it sung  in )

1.Dharthi  ki  shaan  thu hai, manu ki santhan,
Theri  muttiyon mein bandh thoophan hai re  ,
Manushy   thu  bada mahan hai , bhool math,
Manushy thu   bada  mahan hai.

1,You are  the magnificence  of the world  , Oh child of Manu,
In your  closed fists   are held  a cyclone ,
Oh man   you are  a great one , Do not forget,
Oh  man you are  a great one.

2.Thu jo  chahe   parvath pahadon  ko phod dhe,
Thu jo chahe   nadhiyon  ke muh  ko bhi mode dho,
Thu  jo chahen  Maati se Amruth nichod dhey,
Thu jo chahey   dharthi ko ambar   se  jod dho,
Amar there pran mila thujoko varadhan,
There  aathma   mein swayam bhagwan   hai re,
Manushya   thu bada mahan hai.

2,If you like  it  break hills    and mountains ,
If you like , change  the direction of rivers  ,
If you like  squeeze out  nectar   from mud,
If you like   connect  the  earth to the  sky  ,
Immortal is your life  and that  you got as a  boon,
Hey in  your soul  God himself is there ,
Oh Man  you are  a  great one.

3.Nayanon se jwal  , their gathi mein bho chal,
Theri  chathi mein   chupaa maha kaal hai ,
Pruthvi ke laal   there himagiri   saa bhaal,
Theri  brukuti say  thandav ka   thaal hai,
Nij ko thu jaan   jaraa  sakthi  pehchaan,
Theri vani mein   yug ka  ahwan hain,
Manushy thu bada mahan hai.

3. Fires in your eyes , earth quake  in your walk 
Hidden in your chest   is  the Maha Kaal(Lord Shiva)
The earth  under  you is red  and your  hairs are  the snow  mountains,
And in  your frown  are the beats of the angry male dance ,
Understand the truth little    and  recognize your   strength,
In your voice   there  is the call of ions,
Oh man you are a great one.

4.Dharthe sa dheer  , thu hai agni   saa  veer,
Thu jo chahe   tho  kaal ko bhi  dhaamle ,
Papon ka pray rooke  , pasuthaa  ka sheesh   joke,
Thu jo agar   himmath   se kam le  ,
Guru ka mathiman  , pavan sa thu gathimaan,
Their   nabhse   se bhi oonchi udaan   hai re,
Manushy  thu  bada  mahan hai.

4, You are as courageous as the earth  and  as valorous as fire,
If you wish something  , you can even   stop god of death like  a pillar,
You can stop the deluge of sins, make  foolishness  bow its head  before you,
If  only  You    do your actions with courage  ,
You would be as  wise as  Lord Brahaspathi  (Jupiter)   and   you would travel like  wind,
Hey, You can fly even higher   than the   sky,
Oh man you are a great one.

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