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Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida

Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida

Compiled from the  temple’s  Web Site

(There are  huge Hindu temples  throughout USA. I am writing about this temple    to bring out the fact that  Hindu temples  in USA  are not  only temples but centres  promoting  Hindu Culture. They also help Hindus conduct various domestic ceremonies at fixed charges.They also have very  learned priests    who  do the job of temple priests as  well as Vadhyars)
The Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida is a traditional Hindu temple based on Vaasthu and Agama Shaastra and imparting religious, educational and cultural values to our community and future generations.  It was built under the guidance of  Dr.Ganapathi Sthpathi  of Chennai  under the  guidance of twelve Shilpis from  Mahabalipuram. The Maha Kumbhabhishekam of the temple   was performed in 2001     
 The main temple building has two Raja Gopurams (entrance towers) and two Vimana Gopurams (Towers) over each of the main Shiva and Vishnu Garbagrahas (Shrines). There  are  following temples  within the  main temple viz Shiva , Venkateswara , Kamakshi , Ganesa, Krishna , Rama , Ayyappa  , Anjaneeya ,Saraswathi , Muruga, Lakshmi , AAndal, Nava Grahas,Vishvaksena Garuda  and Hayagreeva
 The total area of the temple is approximately 6200 sq ft. The temple ornaments and architectural style are of Chola, and Pandya dynasty (10th century) for Shiva and Parivar (associated) shrines, and Vijayanagara dynasty (12th century) for Venkateshwara and Parivar shrines. The Ayyappa shrine is built according to the Kerala style of architecture. There is also a  community hall which opened in April of 2001. It houses educational and cultural activities, and is occasionally rented for private ceremonies to Temple members and devotees..
THey have four well trained priests from India who perform daily puja services. The temple’s religious rituals strictly follow the Agama Shastras: Shiva agama for Shiva and parivara devathas, Pancharathra agama for Vishnu and parivara devathas. The temple organizes a number of religious services and celebrates major Hindu festivals throughout the year, which are open to the general public. Devotees have opportunity to sponsor any of these religious services. The temple priests can also conduct specific religious services on behalf of devotees either at the temple or in their homes
In addition to the religious activities the temple conducts a number of educational, cultural and voluntary service activities: The Educational Program (Vidyamandir) conducts classes for children, youth and their family members on yoga, Hindu Heritage, Indian languages and special topics of interest on Sundays during the school year.
The temple arranges a number of classical music and dance concerts throughout the year. Music, dance and mridangam classes are also conducted at the temple The temple’s Elders Forum meets on the second Thursday of every month for networking and discussing topics of interest to seniors. The Forum also prepares and serves meals at a local community center for homeless on the third Thursday of every month.
The charges  for various temple  worships as well as   domestic ceremonies are given below

1 Ashtotra Archana $ 10.00
2 Trishati Archana $15.00
 3 Suvarnapushpa Archana $ 25.00
 4 Sahasranama Archana $ 25.00
5 Sathyanarayana Pooja ( regular day) $ 101.00 $ 151.00 Full Moon days $ 35.00
6 Grihapravesham $ 151.00
7 Ayushya Homam $ 151.00 $ 175.00
8 Namakaranam $ 101.00 $ 151.00
9 Annaprashanam $ 51.00 $ 101.00
10 Vidyarambam $ 51.00
11 Navagraha Homam $ 51.00 $ 175.00
12 Abhishekam to any Deity only on scheduled day $ 51.00
13 Vahana Pooja $ 35.00
14 Upanayanam * $ 201.00 $ 251.00
 15 Kalyanam (Wedding) * $ 850.00 $ 1000.00
16 Sreemantham* $ 151.00 $ 201.00
17 Tharpanam or Hiranya Srardham $ 51.00 $ 101.00
18 Wedding Engagement* $ 151.00 $ 201.00
19 Sankatahara Chathurthi/ Pradhosham/ Navagraha Pooja (Temple Sponsored) $ 25.00
20 Kalyanothsavam (temple sponsored) Kalyanothsavam (Private sponsorship) $ 51.00 $251.00

* Additional hall rental fee may apply.
A. Flowers and Fruits are requested for services.
B. Acharya Sambhavana ( offering to the priest is optional) is not included in the fees above.
C. For home services devotees must provide to and from transportation to the priest.
 D. To sponsor any of the services, you may contact the priest at (954) 689-0471

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