Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Old mother writes to her son

Old  mother writes to her son


(Based on a Whatsapp Write up.Thanks to the author)

The son  whom I  fondled ,
Holding him   above my head,
Has grown up   so much,
That he  is taller  than my head,

I have  a  fear   about him,
That   during  one of these  days,
He may   harshly   tell me,
“Do not  interfere in my affairs”

And  This is my letter   to him.

Dear Son

Oh son , even forgetting yourself  ,
Do not  ever  tell  me like that,
I would   go away  to my God,
In this   very  young age  itself.

You used  to ask me questions,
And I used  to answer them ,
Without   ever getting bored,
And never   ever   saying  “no”.

Like you  , I also may ask you questions  ,
Just like a baby  , though I am not one,
Please  never   ever   shout  at me ,
Do not ever shout at me   and say” shut up.”

I am an innocent one  who is older,
Who can never ever   suffer a  pain,
And if you shout  , I would   start,
Sobbing  uncontrollably   for a long time

While you were a little baby  ,
I used to lift all the  rice that  you spilled
While  taking  your food   and as my fingers are old,
Some  rice  may fall on the ground, do not chide  me.

My  kidney  might have  lost    its strength,
Due to that    some  urine might    have spilled,
Please  do  not show an angry face and say “nasty”
For even today the smell of your urine  is there in my sari tips

I should die   when I   do have  the ability  ,
To  walk and reach    the  cremation ground ,
Please  my son please  never  even think  of,
Admitting  me  in any   old age   home.

I  was a blood donor   to you   and  transformed,
My blood  in to milk  and made you   drink it with glee  ,
So please  never   ever leave  me to suffer ,
And at least once  allow me  to sleep on your lap.

When my soul  leaves    from my body  ,
Please  be  near  me , with affectionate tears ,
And I beg   for this favour , with folded   hands,
Your mother   who forever cherished  and loved you.

You  know me   and you have affection towards me  ,
I want you   to see the motherly feminineness  in me  ,
I know you will cry after   reading  this  , don’t cry,
But honour all females, Thank you my son.

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