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Prayer poems of Him and Her to their dear God ,Not to take them first

 Prayer poems  of Him and Her   to their dear God
                        Not to take them first


 ( All the married   couples  in the world , know   that  One of them would  die first . When they both become old and are   awaiting death, The silken bond  of deep love  that ties them  would always make them think that, the one who survives   will suffer. Here are  the thoughts of “Her” followed by thoughts of “Him”.)

1.Her plea  to her  God

Do not take me first  Oh God  , to the land and heaven of yours.
For husband mine, does not  know  even  how to boil a tea,
And all that  he knows  is to simply  shout  helplessly ,
For me  , to bring this or that  and me  to cook this or that.

Once I leave  him as an orphan  in this  land  which is alien to him,
He may not even know how to ask what he  needs ,
From  all those   young girls  that I leave behind,
And would   rather  forego   all his needs and all his wants.

Poor one  used to  slowly  get up from   his dear desk,
And peep in my kitchen when he wants a  second tea,
And stare   at  me helplessly  , like a little   babe ,
Expecting me  to ask, “Do you want anything dear?

Poor  one used   to blink his eyes  like that of a bird,
When he   is sick or when he   is in great pain ,
With a  pitiable  mien, and call me “oh dear”
And I would  know that he needs to be taken care of

Though he   had  tons  of   sugar   within him,
And barrels  of oil    all over his blood.
He would  want more  Payasam than I give,
And would be opening all jars in search of fried Papads.

What will he  do when his dear  daughter in law,
Who has few kids  to be taken care of, several bosses to answer,
Is in charge   of the factory  of  all the he needs-the kitchen,
For  he cannot go and ask her  for a second cup of tea,
Little  more  payasam   and  lots and lots  of papads fried.

If he does  one day,   that day   that harried    young   girl ,
Would tell his dear   son when he  comes home tired,
“I cannot   look after   your   father  old ,
Who has   cravings   for all  that  he should not eat.”

When he is slightly sick   and feels  that he has feaver,
When he is   having  pain in the leg  or his head,
How can he dare   ask , her who is drowned  in work,
“Can you touch my forehead  and see if it is hot,
Can you  massage  my leg and keep a hot pad over it?”

Oh God  , if you   do take me away   to your world  ,
Leaving   my helpless , short tempered companion behind,
He who  does  not  know   how   to weep  and cry,
Would become so miserable in this  human world.
So please God , do not take me  first to your land

2.Prayer  of Him   to His   God

Do not take me  first   to your pretty  heaven oh  God,
Leaving   her whom I love in this world alone,
For all that   she  knows  is to heavenly cook,
And go to  the temple to chant  some meaningless prayers.

She  always   thinks   that  money   grows on a tree,
And whenever  she  needs   anything  to buy,
All that  she needs   is  to shout at me, “Oh dear,
Salt is over, so is the oil,Rice is over, so is the Atta.”

She does  not ever  seem to know  that,
The little money   that  I have saved  and invested,
Needs to be looked   after  like a babe  and cajoled,
And brought   home so that I can fulfill  her demands

She has  been ruling   her kitchen like   a queen,
And produce craziest and tastiest dishes there,
For me  and  all other   eager  members of our family,
So that   each of  us  in our mind  ceaselessly  worship her.

But once I leave  , the queen would  be demoted,
And the keys  of  the kitchen would change hands,
And our modern  daughter in law  , an expert,
In Chinese and Italian dishes, would cook only them,
And my dear wife, has to eat only those  with tears in her  eyes.

All these   days   she was the   real   head  of the family ,
Doing all that she wanted and buying all that she liked,
Without   any one else   to say   “no” or  “yes,”
But tomorrow,  When I am gone  , she would have,
To pleadingly look   at our son    for  all her needs.

More crazy would   be this world   towards  her,
Because she   would   become  a lady of bad omen,
To be neglected  , laughed at and spoken ill off,
Because   she  did not die when I was alive.

Oh God of Gods  , some how  I would manage ,
In this cruel   and bitter   world without her,
Because  I would  have money   and knowledge,
With which I could   get  all that I need,
And  so do not take me before  her , Oh God.

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Kumar Madduri said...

namaskaram sir:
It really moved me when I read this article. I think most of us feel this but you have done a good job in writing down them.

Jai Rama