Thursday, January 28, 2016

Books compiled/translated by me available on line

Books  compiled/translated by me  available on line

For the past 16 years  under the guidance  Of God  , I have  been   translating  several   Hindu prayers  and Carnatic Music  Krithis  in to English  .  I have decided to take stock of what I have done  ,I myself was surprised   to see   that I have either translated  or compiled  86 books   during this period. This includes   several epics  ,  religious books , Upanishads, sahasra namams, books  on  Brahmin rituals  ,  dance dramas based  on Carnatic music  , stories illustrating proverbs  and very many  other things. I have a  humble requests    to all my friends. Do go through   the list   and if you are  interested  in glancing   any book, just click the  Url. May  God bless   you my friends. Ramachander

 From  Puranas

1.Valmiki  Ramayanam from Sanskrit -

2. Kamba Ramayanam  From Tamil -

3.Adhyathma  Ramayanam  from  Malayalam -

From Vedas

22. Dakshinamurthy  Upanishad

30.Narasimha  poorva and Uthara Tapaniya  Upanishad

34.Rama Uthara and Poorva  Tapaniya  Upanishad

Other  Great  Bhakthi literature

50  .Kandhar Anubhoothi(Tamil)  -

52 .Pasurappadi Ramayanam (Tamil) -

Bhajan Literature

62,Nurani  Shastha preethi   songs-

Musical  Dramas

Books  on   Brahmin Rituals

70.Samkshepa   Dharma Sastram  -

71.Model   daily prayer   for Hindus -

74.Hymns  of Pious  living   by Madhvacharya

81.Rare Dharmopadesas for Brahmins  -Srivathsa  Somadeva Sarma


83.Tips on Pilgrimage to  Rameswaram, Prayag,  Varanasi and Gaya

85.Vikramadhithya stories  (entire book )

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