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Anegudde Shree Vinayaka Temple, Kumbhashi, Kundapura Taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka

Anegudde Shree Vinayaka Temple, Kumbhashi, Kundapura Taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka

Elango Kadhirvel 

Ø  Kumbhashi is between Kundapura and Udupi on National Highway-17 (7 Km from Kundapura and 30 Km from Udupi)
Ø  This place is about 450 kilometers from Bengaluru, the State capital
Ø  A big arch on NH-17 near Kumbhashi indicates where we have to drive to reach the temple (pic attached)
Ø  The nearest airport is Mangalore (Bajpe) Airport, which is about 85 kilometers from this place

Presiding Deities
Ø  Lord Vinayaka/Ganapathi
o   Also called “Shree Siddi Vinayaka" and "Sarva Siddi Pradaayaka” (the provider of all boons)

Ø  Sage Gouthama had his hermitage here in Dwapara yuga, and several sages, including Agasthya, did tapas here
Ø  Kumbha, a powerful Rakshasa (called Kumbhasura), strengthened by boons he obtained from Lord Shiva through rigorous penance, troubled the sages of Gouthama's hermitage
Ø  When the Pandavas were passing this way on a pilgrimage, Sage Gouthama appealed to Yudhistira to came to the aid of the inmates of the Ashrama
Ø  Yudhistira asked his brother Bhima, who was ever ready to fight with the Rakshasas, to destroy Kumbha and his army.
Ø  But Kumbha, strengthened as he was by divine boons, proved a match even for Bhima
Ø  After a day long battle with the Rakshasa proved inconclusive, Bhima heard a voice from the skies saying that the Rakshasa can be eliminated only with the sword obtained from lord Ganapathi
Ø  So Bhima worshiped Ganapathi, Who appeared before him in the form of an elephant and gave him a mighty sword
Ø  With that sword, Bhima decapitated Kumbha and destroyed his demon army
Ø  The place where Bhima killed Kumbha with as asi (sword) came to be known as Kumbhasi
Ø  And the hill where lord Ganapathi appeared before Bhima is known as The Elephant Hill “Gajagiri in Sanskrit and AneGudde in Kannada

Ø  The idol of 12 feet tall AneGudde Vinayaka in the very elephant form is made of a single stone
Ø  Lord Vinayaka sports a Vaishnava style tilak on the forehead
o   Devotees also praise Him as Vishnu Roopa Ganapathi
Ø  It is also believed that the statue of Lord Ganapathi is growing every year!

Ø  As the demon (Kumbhasura) was destroyed with the weapon of Lord Vinayaka, while dying, he realized wisdom and died a pure soul
o   As Kumbhasura was reformed in this place, it came to be known as Kumbhasi

Ø  Anegudde the Elephant hill is a part of Kumbhashi, one of the seven sacred places in the coastal region called Parashurama Kshetra

Quotes/Hymns – Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stothra

प्रणम्य शिरसा देवं गौरीपुत्रं विनायकम्
भक्तावासं स्मरेन्नित्यमायु: कामार्थसिद्धये
प्रथमं वक्रतुण्डं एकदंत द्वितीयकम्
तृतीयं कृष्णपिड्:गाक्ष गजवक्त्रं चतुर्थकम्
लम्बोदरं पंचमं षष्ठं विकटमेव
सप्तमं विघ्नराजेंद्रं धूर्मवर्णं तथाष्टकम्
नवमं भालचन्द्रं दशमं तु विनायकम्
एकादशं गणपतिं द्वादशं तु गजाननम्
द्वादशैतानि नामानि त्रिसंध्यं : पठेन्नर:
विघ्नभयं तस्य सर्वसिद्धिकरं प्रभो:

Transliterated Text
praNamya shirasaa devaM gauriputhraM vinaayakam
bhakthaavaasaM smarenithyaM aayuH-kaamaarthasiddhaye
prathamaM vakratuNDaM cha ekadantaM dvithiyakam
tRithiyaM kRishhNa-piNgaakshaM gajavakthraM chaturthakam
lambodaraM paNchamaM cha ShashThaM vikaTameva cha
sapthamaM vighna-raajendraM dhumra-varNaM tathaashTamam
navamaM baalachandraM cha dashamaM tu vinaayakam
ekaadashaM gaNapathiM dvaadashaM tu gajaananam
dvaada-shaitaani naamaani trisandhyaM yaH paThennaraH
na cha vighnabhayaM tasya sarvasiddhikaraH prabhuH

For all who yearn for life, wealth and love - Should salute with their head, Lord Ganapathi - the son of Parvathi
Think of Him - first as The Lord with a broken tusk, Second as the Lord with one tusk, Third as the Lord with reddish black eyes, Fourth as the Lord Who has the face of an elephant
Fifth as the Lord who has a very broad paunch, Sixth as the Lord who is cruel to his enemies, Seventh as the Lord who is remover of all obstacles, Eighth as the Lord Who is of the colour of smoke
Ninth as the Lord who has a crescent in His forehead, Tenth as the Lord, who is the Chief Lead remover of obstacles, Eleventh as the Leader of the army of Lord Shiva, And twelfth as the Lord who has the face of an elephant
Those reading these twelve names at dawn, noon and dusk - will never have fear of defeat and would always achieve all that they want



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