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Nalkuravu-105th chapter of Thirukural- (Poverty)

Nalkuravu-105th chapter  of Thirukural-

Translated   by

(A graphic description  of the ill of poverty. Most of the points are   true even today.)

1.Inmayin innathathu  yaathenin, inmayin,
Inmaye  innathathu.

1.If you ask  what causes  as much sorrow as poverty,
We can only say, only poverty causes  as much sorrow   as poverty.

2.Inmai yena  oru paavu  marumayum,
Immayum indri varum.

2.If   the sinner   called  poverty catches some one,
That person would lose  joy  of this world   as well as the other  world.

3.Tholvaravum   thoalum  kedukkum  thogayaaga  ,
Nalkuravu   tenum  nasai.

3,The poverty caused  by poisonous desire  for riches,
Would spoil   the name of our great  lineage and the  fame  due to it.

4.Yirpiranthaar  kanneyum  inmai  ili vantha  ,
Chorpirakkum   chorvu   tharum.

4.Poverty would  cause  the weakness  which makes,
People of great lineage   tell  evil words.

5.Nalkuravu yenum  idumbayul  palkurai,
THunbangal  chendru padum.

5.Due to the sorrowful state  called poverty,
Several type  of sorrows  would appear.

6.Narporul nankunarnthu  chollinum nalkoornthaar,
Chorporul   chorvu   padum.

6.Though a poor man  understands good  things in good books ,
And tells them clearly, it  would some times be not accepted  by  others.

7.Arancharaa nalkuravu  yeendrathaa  yaanum,
Piran poala   nokka padum.

7.If poverty which prevents one from   acting according to Dharma ,
Reaches a person, even  the mother who gave birth to him  would think him as an outsider.

8.Yindrum  varuvathu  kollo  neruthalum,
KOndrathu poalum  nirappu.

8.Would the poverty   which came yesterday  as if to kill me ,
Come  to me  today also?

9.Neruppinul   thunjalum   aagum  nirappinul,
Yaathondrum  kan paadu  arithu.

9.Even though  a person can perhaps sleep   in fire surrounding him,
He cannot  close his eyes  in sleep  in any way, when affected  by poverty.

10.Thuppuravillaar  thuvara  thurvaamai,
Uppirkkum kaadikkum koothu.

10.The poor who do not have materials  leading  to joy  ,
Are living in a family  without  leaving everything for the sake  of gruel and salt.

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