Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Republic day- Lets look back

Happy republic day to all of you. I am giving below the translation of a Gujarathi prayer very dear to Mahathma Gandhi’s heart, Narsi Mehta tells us who is the man of God .If only this is read by every Indian and followed, all the problems of our country would completely vanish.

Vaioshnava Janato
(The man of God)
Narasi Mehta

Translated by

One of the greatest Gujarati poet-saints, Narsi Mehta introduced philosophical poetry into the bhakti world of Gujarat. He composed about 740 songs. 'Vaishnava-janato', the prayer song popularized by Mahatma Gandhi, is a composition of Narsi Mehta’s. This soul stirring poetry moves any theist. I have taken the liberty of translating this poem by substituting “Man of God” instead of “Vaishnava”. I did this because I felt that, what the poet must have meant was that.

Original  in Guarathi typed in Hindi

वैष्णव  जन  तो  तेने  कहिये  जे
पीड़ा  पराई  जाने  रे
पर दुख्खे  उपकार  करे  तोये
मन  अभिमान    आने  रे
सकल  लोक  मान  सहने  वन्दे
निंदा    करे  केनी  रे
वाच  काछ  मन  निश्छल  राखे
धन धन  जननी  तेनी  रे
सम दृष्टि  ने  तृष्णा  त्यागी
पर स्त्री  जेने  मात  रे
जिव्हा  थकी  असत्य    बोले
पर धन  नव  झाली  हाथ  रे
मोह माया  व्यापे  नहीं  जेने
दृढ  वैराग्य  जेना  मन  मान  रे
राम  नाम  शून  ताली  लागी
सकल  तीरथ  तेना  तन  मान  रे
वन लोभी  ने  कपट रहित  छे
काम क्रोध  निवार्य  रे
भने  नरसैय्यो  तेनुं  दर्शन  करता
कुल  एकोतेर  तार्य  रे

English translation

He and he alone is the man of God,
Who knows the pain and misery of others,
Who tries to help others in distress,
And who does not have pride in his mind.

He and he alone is the man of God,
Who respects and salutes all,
Who does not talk ill of others,
Who keeps his mind pure in words and action,
And whose mother is considered blessed by all.

He and he alone is the man of God,
Who views everybody as equal,
Who considers other women as his mother,
Who never tells lies all his life,
And who never yearns for other’s wealth.

He and he alone is the man of God,
Who never has any attachments,
Who is strongly detached to worldly pleasures,
Who is addicted to remembering his God,
And in whose mind are all the holy places of the world.

He and he alone is the man of God,
Who has no greed and deceit in his mind,
Who has forsaken all pleasures and anger,
And whose sight is thirsted for by Narasi the poet,
For the entire family gets salvation on seeing him.

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