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Kayamai-108th chapter of Thirukural-(meaness)

Kayamai-108th chapter of Thirukural-(meaness)

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( I am sure no   one else can describe a mean person like  this. He says  Mean people do not have worry . follow rituals to deceive others and they are like Gods because they do whatever  they want and so on.)

1.Makkale poalvar kayavar   avaranna,
Oppari   yaam kandathu  yoil.

1.A mean person   would like  ordinary,
Such similarity  has not been seen anywhere.

2,Nandaraai vaarin  kayavar thiruvudayaar,
Nenjathu   avalam yilar.

2.Mean people   are wealthier  than  people who know good,
As they do not have   any worry in their  heart.

3,THevar anayar  kayavar , avarum thaam,
Mevana  chithozhukalaan.

3.The mean people  are similar   top gods, because ,
They would be doing actions   as  they like.

4.Akapatti yaavaarai  kaanin avarin,
Mikapattu   chemmaakkum  keezh.

4.If a mean person  sees a person who does not have  humility,
He would think that  he is greater than him  and  be proud.

5.Achame  keezhkalathu  aachaaram  yecham,
Avaavundel  undaam   chirithu.

5.The cause of following rituals  by mean people  is due  to fear,
Or  else they may  act like that  for getting wealth from others.

6.Arai parai   annar  kayavar thaam  ketta  ,
Marai  pirarkku   uynthuraikkalaan.

6.Since the mean people tell secrets they  know to others,
Just like that  , they are  like a drum used  for announcement.

7.EErngai  vithiraar  kayavar  kodirudaikkum  ,
Koon kayya rallathaarkku.

7,Mean people will not shake  their  wet hand with food ,
Except to those people with strong hand  who can break their teeth.

8.Cholla  payan paduvar   chaandror   karumbu poal,
Kolla payan padum   keezh.

8,A learned  man would become   useful as soon as a problem is  told,
But  unless  we suffer like  a sugarcane  where  juice is extracted ,
A mean person  would   not be of  any use.

9.Uduppathoom unpathoom   kaanin  pirar mel,
Vadukkana  vaththarum   keezh.

9.When a mean person sees another eating and dressing well,
Unable to bear it , they would find fault  on them.

10.Yeththir  kuriyar kayavar   ondru  uththakkal,
Viththr kuriyar  virainthu.

10.The mean people are  suitable  only to see us fast ,
When  even a small  sorrow  occurs  to them.

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