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Iravu -106th chapter of Thirukkural- (begging)

Iravu -106th chapter of Thirukkural-

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(Sum how it appears    as if Thiruvalluar   supports begging   and find faults  with others    for hidinh what they have   and not giving. I feel possibly he  is not  refer  to present begging  but  the poor learned people   in different arts   begging   for  money.)

1.Irakka irathakkar  kaanin  karappin,
Avar pazhi  tham  pazhi    andru,

1.If a beggar sees a person suitable to beg , he can beg,
If he does not give it is his mistake  not the beggars  mistake.

2.Inbam oruvarkku irathal , iranthavai  ,
Thunbam uraa  avarin.

2.Suppose a beggar gets what  he begs ,
Even begging  would give pleasure  to him.

3.Karappilaa nenjin kadanarivar   munnindru ,
Irappmor   yevar udaithu.

3.Begging with a person who does not  know  to hide  what he has ,
And  who is duty bound , is a beautiful act   for the poor.

4.Irathalum eethale  poalum  karathal,
Kanavilum  theththaathaar  mattu.

4.Begging with a person  who does not how to hide  ,
What he  has even  in dream  is as good as giving.

5.Karapppilaasr  vayakathu   unmayaan   kannindru  ,
Irappavar   mer kolvathu.

5.There are some people who  give without  hiding,
What they have  and that  is what makws others beg.

6.Karappidumbai illaarai  kaanin  nirappidumbai,
Yellam  orungu kedum.

6.All the sorrow of the beggar   will vanish  , when they see,
A person who does not hide   what  he has.

7.Igaznthellathu  eevaarai  kaanin  magizhndullam,
Ullul   uvappathu    udaithu.

7.When a beggar   sees a person who gives  without ,
Insulting  them , their  mind   would   become happy.

8.Irapparai   illayin  eernganamaa jnaalam,
Marappavai   chendru   vanthu  aththu.

8.If there   are no beggars, the earth  which is prosperous,
Would be housing people  whose movement is like a  wodden doll.

9.EEvaar yen undaam  thoththam   iranthu koal,
Mevaar ilaa  kadai.

9.If There are  no persons  who come to beg with rich people  ,
What fame can ever  come to those   who are  rich.

10.Irappaan vegulaamai vendum , nirappu idumbai,
Thaneyum   chalum kari.

10.A person who begs   should never get angry, if a  person,
Does not give and the sorrow of poverty would teach him this.

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