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Iravacham-107th chapter of Thirukural- (The shyness caused by begging)

Iravacham-107th chapter  of Thirukural-
(The  shyness  caused  by begging)

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(I have translated  by now 1070 kural stanzas  but what brought me tears   is the second kural of this chapter.Valluvar says , that if God wants   some people to live by begging , that God needs to suffer. It is similar   to the words of Mahakavi Bharathy  , that  he would prefer   to destroy the world   if any individual does not have foo,Please  read this chapter fully  , it would make you a different person.)

1.Karavaathu ulam theeyum  kannannar  kannum,
Iravaamai  kodi perum.

1,Not begging with an eye  like person  who does not hide  what he has ,
But gives   with great joy, is one crore times valuable  than what we ask.

2,Iranthum uyir vaazthal vendin  paranthu,
Keduga  ulagiyathiyaan,

2.If  God felt  the need for some persons  to live by begging ,
Let that creator of the world wander everywhere and get  spoiled.

3.Inmai  idumbai  iranthu theer  vaamennum,
Vanmayil  vanpaattathu yil.

3.If a person   feels  that  poverty  can be  managed by begging,
There is nothing  more   worse than that.

4.Idamellam  kolla thagaithe   idamella,
Kalum   irovalla chalpu.

4.The culture (peace of mind)   of  not wanting to beg  in spite of poverty ,
Is  greatest in this   wide   world .

5.TheNNeer adupurkai  yayinum  thaal thanthathu  ,
Unnalin  oonginiyathu   yil.

5.Even if we get  clear water  like  gruel only  by our effort  ,
Nothing  is sweeter  than eating  that.

6.AAvirkku  neerendru  Yirappinum  navirkku,
Yiravin  ili vanthathu  yil.

6.Even if we  have  to beg  water   for  our cow to drink,
There is nothing worse  for the toungue   than that  begging.

7.Yirappan  yirapparai  yellaam  yirappin,
Karappaar  iravinmin    tendru.

7.If I  have  to ask someone to beg, I would request him  ,
Not to go to beg with a person who hides what he has and  does not give anything.

8.Iravennum yemaappil  thoni karavennum  ,
Parthaakka pakku vidum.

8.The  ship without security   called begging use to cross  the sea of poverty,
Would break in to pieces  if it hits a  stone called “not giving and hiding.”

9.Iravulla ullam  urukum  , karavulla  ,
Ullathoom  indri kedum.

9.If we think of begging  our heart  will melt,
But if we think about hiding and not giving, that mind itself would vanish.

10.Karppavarkku yaangu   olikkum   kollo , yirappavr  ,
Chollada poalum uyir.

10.When those  who hide their wealth  and say “no”, the  soul ,
Of the one  who begs would go away, but where would  ,
The soul of those  who  hide and not give hide  itself.

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