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Sri Vilwa-naatheswarar Temple, Thiru-Valam, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu

Sri Vilwa-naatheswarar Temple, Thiru-Valam, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu

Compiled by
Elango  Kadhirvel

Ø  ThiruValam (also called Thiru-Vallam), Vellore District, Tamil Nadu State
Ø  At a distance of about 130 kilometers from the state capital, Chennai & about 220 kilometers from Bangalore

Presiding Deities
Ø  Lord Shiva as Sri Vilwa-naatheswarar
Ø  Goddess Parvathi as Sri Vallaambikai
Ø  Lord Ganesha as “Kani Vaangiya Vinayaka” meaning “Vinayaka Who Got the Fruit”
o   The Idol Is seen as Lord with the fruit

Ø  Believed to about 2000 years old, this is a big temple covering an area measuring 5 acres with a 7 tier Rajagopuram
Ø  The Goddess shrine is said to be of great significance here
o   Originally, the Goddess was addressed as "Thee-Kaali Ambaal", a fierce Goddess
o   Later SHE is believed to have been pacified by Sri Shankarcharya Bhagwatpaada

Ø  Nandhi is facing the entrance of the temple (not facing the Lord)
o   A priest living in Tiruvallam was fetching water for Lord’s Abishek
o   A Demon was giving him all troubles on the way
o   Responding to the prayer of the priest, Lord Shiva directed Nandhi to control the demon
o   Nandhi tore the demon into eight pieces
o   Nandhi is facing the entrance of the temple to prevent the demon entering the place and the temple
Ø  Sage Sanaka Jeeva-Samaadhi
o   The monument of Sage Sanaka, disciple of Lord Dakshinamurthy is between Nandhi and Lord Vilwa-naatheswara shrine
o   It is believed that meditating here relieves the devotee from sins of his/her past birth
Ø  Vilwa/Bilwa Leaves as Prasad
o   As Lord Shiva is addressed as Sri Vilwa-naatheswarar, Vilwa/Bilwa leaves are offered as Prasad
o   Consuming the Prasad, according to faith, relieves bodily problems and grants wisdom

Ø  It is believed that Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya had a quarrel for a mango fruit offered by Sage Narada
Ø  A contest was conducted that whoever goes around the world first and comes back here would be offered the fruit
Ø  While Lord Subramanya went around the world, Lord Ganesha encircled His Parents and got the fruit as a token of appreciation
Ø  Valam in Tamil means circumambulation
Ø  This is the place where Lord Vinayaka established the truth that “world” means Father and Mother and “Father and Mother” mean world
Ø  He went around His Divine parents to show this truth
Ø  As He did the Valam here, the place came to known as Tiruvalam and changed as Tiruvallam

Quotes/Hymns – Tamil Hymn by Saint Poet ThiruGnanaSambandar
தாயவன் உலகுக்கு, தன் ஒப்பு இலாத்
தூயவன், தூ மதிசூடி, எல்லாம்
ஆயவன், அமரர்க்கும் முனிவர்கட்கும்
சேயவன், உறைவுஇடம் - திரு வல்லமே!

Transliterated Text
Thaayavan ulagukku, than opu illaath
Thooyavan, thoo mathi-chudi, yellam
Aayavan, amararukkum munivar-katkum
Seyavan, Uraivu Idam – Thiru-Vallame!

The Lord Shiva at ThiruVallam/ThiruValam!
                YOU Are The MOTHER to all livings beings in the world
                YOU Are The Holiest with no par
                YOU Pervade all things – YOU Are That
                YOU Are Wearing a spotless Crescent (Moon)
                YOU Are Beyond the comprehension of the worldly mortals and sages


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