Sunday, January 18, 2015

75 years and one day-thanks

Today I am 75 years and one day old.For past one month my daughter Meera had called all my friends, relations , classmates , colleagues individually and requested them to write about me .My grand daughters and grand sons have made photo art to the entire book. And this book was presented to me by them yesterday.I know that people /families who consult me for astrology have very high regard for me , people who read my translations have become great fans for me, statisticians all over the world working in tree genetics consider me as a great genius but I never knew that my own children , grand children, brother , sister, relations, friends and colleagues shower so much love and affection on me. I read whatever they have written several times with eye full of tears. I have to thank my pretty daughter who is herself mother of two lovely kids , but who i s still considered as a kid by me for the invaluable compilation and thank all my children for drowning me with their affection and love and made me speechless. I have to thank my younger brother and sister , who want to be born as my brother and sister in the next birth also, and thank my closest friends Sivadas and Balaramamurthy for recalling our great friendship and my all other relations for the great affectionate jottings. I cannot give any thing back to them except my undiluted love.May God bless all of them...May the great God bless all of them.because their happiness is mine also.
My wife Jayalakshmi has never ever written about me. She has written a page about my good qualities.How can I thank her .After all she is a part of me.

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mskmoorthy said...

Many more happy and productive years. I have benefitted greatky from your translations and scholarship.