Friday, January 16, 2015

I dedicate all my work done after retirement to

I dedicate all my work done after retirement to
My efforts in the last few days in highlighting my hobbies were intended in making all of you aware of the work done by me as also to encourage people who are retiring to take up some hobby like these so that they never feel that “They are not wanted by anyone.”
All that I do has been made possible only by the blessing of God. I always consider that He in his great majesty, composes what needs to be done and I am but his key board. The key board being constantly engaged does not get bored and wants to thank God by offering Him , crores of Pranams to him for choosing it . I do not know about the quality of my work but the sheer quantity of what I have done amazes even me.
My wife Smt.Jayalakshmi . my partner in Dharma has been great source of inspiration to me , through thick and thin. She understands that I get pleasure in doing what I do and never disturbs me from what I have been doing, even when I some times work for eight hours per day.
But for her and the blessings of God I would not have been able to do this immense amount of work. Side by side I have been trying my best to look after my obligations in running my little family too. Whenever I do not attend to it properly what else can I tell her except the pretty lines,
I have the shell and the pearl within it but I do not have time to open it,
I have the words , I have the meter but I do not have time to write a poem.
All my work before 60 were dedicated to my office and today when I am 75, I want to dedicate all the work done by me after 60 to my dear wife Smt.Jayalakshmi .

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