Monday, January 12, 2015

After Retirement hobbies-4

After  Retirement hobbies-4
    All my life  I habe been voracious and compulsive reader. I started reading books when I was  ten years of age . This made me a story teller of great repute to children. Atl east 6 of those children who were  pestering  me for stories    are members  of face book. During one of  my trips   to USA  ,when I was reading fairy tales  of Grimm, suddenly I recollected   several stories  that I knew, which reflected the Indian culture.  I started typing them all. Then I recollected that  I was   greatly dissatisfied  by the western rhymes   that  were being taught to our children. I started    writing  rhymes similar to them  from the Indian   angle  and also started collecting   rhymes from Indian languages that I knew.When I came back  , my  daughter  designed  a web site to put all my work .She wanted me to write small stotras addressed to different God’s   with their meaning   syuitable for Hindu children. I got a brain wave to add stories from Upanishads   and stories illustrating principles of Gita. This material    was put in a web site and  it was called  Raja Thatha’s corner because  the name I was well known in my family circles was Raja and I had become a Thatha. This great web site brought a huge fan following to me of  children and parents  of children. Among all the works that I have done  this is  became very dear to my heart. I know  none of you are children but I am sure   you would enjoy reading them in

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