Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After Retirement Hobbies 5

After   retirement  hobbies-5
   I have always been fascinated by    the small but clean and devotion drenched temples  of Kerala, to which state  I belong . So after   collecting information by reading   and personal enquiry   wrote  in great detail about 100   temples of Kerala.  I came across temples which I had   not known earlier. There was a  temple for the Divine Brahmam,  temples for  all the four sons of  Dasaratha, a temple to Duryodhana   etc. This kept on engaging me as  collection of information    sitting in Bangalore   was very difficult .Please read   about them in
  Another group of temples that fascinated me were    the temples of Village Gods of Tamil Nadu  .Fortunately by reading many magazine articles as well as   few  well written books  I could get detailed information of 102   such temples. Collection  of information was indeed difficult  and occupied   lot of my time. Those   interested  may read about them in

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