Saturday, January 10, 2015

After retirement hobbies-2

After  Retirement hobbies-2
     I retired  on 30th January  2000. I was a well  known statistician  who has made   very significant contributions  to Statistics.  This was  possible  due to my innate  curiosity  and  capacity    to hard work,Whenever  I use to recite   any Stotra   , I used to wonder  what it means. After retirement   the few books that I purchased   by Anna  , the legend in translation of   Stotras in to Tamil  , So after   translating in to English a  few simple stotras   which were   easy to understand  , I started   translating Vishnu Sahasranama ofcourse    with the constatnt reference to Anna’s great book.I did a not bad translation  clearly aiming   at the future generation  of Hindus who may not know  their mother toungue   or  Sanskrit.  I also decided that   I would   give the simple meaning and not   the Goodartha.  By 2002, I had    translated  about 20 Stotras ,  which included Vishnu Sahasranam, Nama Ramayanam , Annapurnashtakam  and during my visit to USA  in 2002  , My daughter in law Sangeetha created   a web site for me to put them ( The   response was great  . One of those  readers from Mumbai  adviced me to    create   a web site using Geocities. I did  and a new web site   called  was created and maintained by me.(  After returning to India,  I started work at a  furious pace  , By another   4 years I had translated about 400 stotras   written in   Tamil, Malayalam,  Sanskrit   and Hindi.   I   bought many Malayalam  and Tamil books   and also downloaded   several     stotras.  IN 2009    all geocities web sites   were closed  .In the mean while  I  contacted sri Lakshmanan  , who gladly agreed  
To put my translations in his web site  HE also requested me to translate some  21 upanishads. The SAthya SAibaba brotherhood of Jolland and  Hindupedia     agreed   to put my translations in their web sites. I also  started using the Google blog under name  of

 and started  posting my translations there  . As  of now  I have translated  around 1000 stotra  rathnas which include   several great books   and  this is visited by around 1000  people a day . I spend about   4-5  hours  daily on my translation job.  I am doing it all alone   with no one    to even read the proofs . I have several fans  my translations   ofcourse   there are critics also.  Hope this  hobby  would   keep me  busy   for some more time to come.  two of my translations have been published   by Giri traders, Madras Ofcourse  I also have more hobbies.


S N Murthy Vemparalla said...

It is a very positive use of your time in retirment. Your work is commendable and a treasure

Unknown said...

So thoughtful of you for the future generation, which is very important. Thank you respected sir.


Prakash Gss said...

Indeed a great way to use your post retired time productively for the betterment of future generation.
I salute you Sir and wish more of your work in future. Regards, Dr.G S S Prakash Hyderabad