Sunday, January 11, 2015

After retirement hobbies-3

After    retirement Hobbies-3
    Though not a musician or a musicologist  I was always fascinated  by  Carnatic musc  But  though  it is  great to hear   , I found it difficult to understand   the Sahithyam (lyrics)  of  most   of the songs sung during a music programme. One reason  was   due to language and another   was due to the technique involved in singing. For example  I could easily understand the songs sung in Tamil at the end of the Cutcheries , About  6 years  back I got a book by Brahmasri Balakrishna Sastrigal giving meanings of selected   songs of Thygaraja . I was enchanted   amd when I heard     those songs next time  I  could   understand them. I used the book initially   to translate  those Keerthanas in to English and put them in my blog  .  The response was great   and so I took the hobby of translating Carnatic Music Krithis    written  in Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam  , Kannada   and Hindi in to English  Whenever    I was not able to understand some   of my on line  friends  helped me . So far I have translated 1000 krithis written in these 6 languages. Recently I got a friend   to translate ten Abhangs   of  Saint THukaram  written in Marathi  .My translation also includes   translation of Musical  Dramas-Nandanar Charithram     and Gayathri Puranam. I propse   to continue   this hobby of mine.  Any one who can translate  , please do so and send it to me   so that I can put it in my blog

May God bless all of you.

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