Friday, January 9, 2015

Completed Kamba Ramayana Translation in to English

It was   in the month of April 2012 , I started     translating Adhyathma Ramayana   from Malayalam   which has about 4000    verses and I completed it in  4 months,A very interesting  incident   happened then. Please read about it in
 Later at the suggestion of Sri Lakshmanan of Celextel , I did the translation  of Vamiki Ramayanam  from Sanskrit which consists of 24000 verses and I completed this job    in about 8 months  . I was relaxing after this   and then I thought I also should do the translation of Kamba Ramayanam from Tamil  and I started this job in March 2014 .In July when had completed    the five Kandas which occupied the   about 2000   verses and started   the translation of   the Yidha Kanda     which consists of 6000  verses,  due to my age  and  the difficult   poetical text , I felt very nervous and requested    all my on line  friends for  praying  for me. They all did and today  I have    completed  the first draft   of my translation of  this great book. I would be correcting it and uploading   it in another few days.

    I earnestly believe that   this work is not done by me   but God    did it through me.

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