Thursday, January 15, 2015

After Retirement hobbies -7

After  reiiremebt hobbies  -7
     This is really the last section  about some items that  I have left out.  I have written two great essays on  the rituals involved  in Iyer marriages   and on pilgrimage   to Benares    and Rameswaram , after  pain staking research. You can read them in
   I Have translated all the stories of king Vikramadithya   given in Periya Ezhuthu Vikramadithan Kadhai  . These very interesting stories can be seen  in
  I have illustrated   100 Malayalam proverbs   by   stories ,

   Apart from these in these fifteen years I have contributed lot of tid bits  which are not very great

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Rengasamy Ramaswami said...

Sir, Am following you for the last six months. Your output after retirement is phenomenal. When compared to you , am still in the Starting Block. Am 65 years old and seek your blessings to do atleast 0.01% of your contribution.
Prank so