Wednesday, January 14, 2015

After retirement hobbies -6

After  retirement hobbies -6
    I always  had a great regard   to our religion .Due to my interactions    with younger generation  , I found that  our greatest export commodity is them. Most of them  have great regard for our rituals but are not able to do    simple things like Sandhya Vandanam    ,THarpanam and Avani Avittam due   to the non availability on manthras    to them   in the language most of them know , that is English . They were  not aware  of  the rules of life governing a life of a Brahmin. I did attempt to get Vaidhyanatha Deekshitheeyam    the authoritative book in Sanskrit  , I located  it   on line but it was very difficult to read it as it was a Xerox copy of a  very old manuscript.  It was  at this time that  I came to know that Mahaperiyavaa  , in his great   wisdom   had entrusted   the job of  properly   summarizing of this great book   to a great Scholar called Manjakudi Venkatrama Satrigal  and this was published  in Tamil  by Heritage Educational Trust  in Mylapore and according to the wishes of Mahaperiyavaa  it was   being sold at  a subsidized price  . Maha Periyavaa  in his gret wisdom  also had ordered   the publishers that   there should not be any copy right to     this great  book. I bought the book and translated   it word by word and put it  in   my blog. I also added Manthras  for Trivedi Sandhyavandhanam  with necessary modifications    for Vadakalai   and Then Kalai Iyengars  , Amavasai Tharpanam for Yajur Vedam (Iyers as well as Iyengars)  , Bodhayana THarpana Manthras  , Avani avittam manthras separately    for   all the three Vedas , Several books on rules of Behaviour  for Sadacharam,  etc. Every year for the past fifteen years  I have been putting  The sankalpa manthras   for Amavasya THarpanam   for every year with modifications for different countries, Avani avitta Manthras    for   three  Vedas every year and so on.  These Manthras are accessed  by several thousands of people   every year,. My heart  fills up   with joy of helping people after    every Avani Avittam when thousands of people thank me  . I am getting old but I am determined   to keep this service as long God  keeps me healthy  with the blessings of Mahaperiyava . The blog where you can find all this information is

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