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Uzhavu-104th chapter of Thirukural- (Cultivation)

Uzhavu-104th  chapter  of Thirukural-
Translated by

  (Great  chapter  which must be read by   all people especially the cultivators. Tiruvalluvar says that only cultivator lives  independently   and others salute  and follow him  .)

1.Chuzhandrum  yer pinnathu  ulagam athanaal,
Uzhandhum uzhave   thalai.

1.The world follows  the  plough   which  rotates,
And so  though tiring  cultivation   is  the best

2.Uzhuvaar ulagathaarkku aani  akthaathu,
Yezhuvarai   yellam poruthu.

2.Those who cultivate   are  the axis  of the  world,
Because it is they  who support  all people  engaged  in other jobs.

3.Uzhuthundu vaazhvaare  vaazgvar, mathellam ,
THozhuthundu pin chelpavar.

3.Only the one who cultivates and feeds others live in the real  sense,
Others are  those who salute and follow them  for their food.

4.Pala kudai  neezhalum  tham kudai keezh kanbar  ,
Alai kudai  neezha lavar.

4.Those   who have only the  shade of the spike  of  the paddy crop,
Are capable of making all the land below  the royal umbrella.

5.Yiravaar  yirappaar  kondrivar  kaavaathu,
Kai cheithoon  malayavar.

5.Those who are habituated  who cultivate  by their hand,
Would only give and never  beg from others.

6.Uzhavinaar  kai madankin  illai  vizhaivathoom  ,
Vittemenparkku   nilai.

6.If the cultivator   stops   working,  even the sages,
Would be forced to stop  their life of renunciation.

7,Thodipuzhuthi kaksaa  unakkin  piditheruvum,
Vendaathu   chala ppadum.

7.If the cultivator reduces dust to one fourth  by ploughing ,
And drying, then even without a  fist of manure, he  would get a  good crop.

8.Yerinum  nandraal   yeruviduthal  kattapin,
Neerinum  nandrathan kappu.

8.Applying manure  is better than ploughing, after it,
Irrigating after  weeding and protecting the crop is better.

9.Vhellaan kizhavan   iruppin  nilampulathu,
Illalin   oodi vidum.

9.If  the cultivator does not  inspect  his  crop in proper times,
Like the wife not given love  , that land would also hate  him.

10.Ilam yendrasai   irupparai  kaanin,
Nilamennum  nallaaL  nagum.

10.When the land  sees a  cultivator  neglecting  her ,
Saying he does  not have money, She  would laugh,

At him within herself ,  at  his  bad ignorance.

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