Friday, April 21, 2017

God knows what you need

God knows    what you need


(Based on the tamil  post in Face book. My acknowledgements   to whoever  wrote it.)

There was a   young man in a  village ,
Who went on wandering   doing nothing,
And one day he saw   some people chanting ,
The names of Lord Krishna   again and   again.

He approached    the  one who appeared  as their leader,
And asked him, “What is the  use   of chanting    this name,
Again and  again   And I feel   you are   wasting your time .”
And that one replied,”There  is nothing   that cannot be achieved by such chanting.”

Hearing it   that person     who was   very hungry   went    to a nearby  forest,
Climbed on a tree   and  wanting to test  the power  of Chanting God’s name ,
Started again and again chanting   the name   of Lord Krishna  praying for food
And suddenly he saw  a  wayfarer coming to take   rest under the tree.

After some time the wayfarer  left the shade  of the tree  leaving  there,
A huge packet of food and though he wanted   to eat the food ,
He did not  because  God has not given that food  to him  but it was left there by  a stranger,
And again after   some time  a gang  of dacoits    came to take   rest   under the tree.

They had  some wealth stolen by them    and  when they saw   that packet of food,
Since they were  hungry   they felt like   eating it but desisted , feeling the man ,
Who was chanting God’s name must have mixed poison  in that   food to kill them,
And they caught hold of him   and force fed  him so that his  hunger vanished.

When they saw that not only   nothing happened  to him  but   that,
He was also cheerful after being well fed , ate some of the food  themselves  and gave that man,
Lots of money from their loot  and that man realizing   the power of chanting ,
Name of God  , went to the temple   and put all  the money he got in to  the  coffers of temple.

Then that person decided that  he would   forever   chant the name of God,
Not to get anything    nor to achieve   anything  but  to   get  whatever,
God wanted  him to get  ,  as he knew , that God knew   what he wanted,

And eventually  he worked hard   and   became a rich satisfied man.

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