Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We met our guardian angel after 42 years

We met our guardian angel after 42 years


The year  was 1972 and I was working in Coimbatore at that time. My wife had presented me with our first son. I got a senior class I gazetted job  in Central tobacco Institute  in Rajamundry and after   despatching   all our household goods by TVS , I arrived   at the new Institute.One of my office people called Nalam   got  me a house  for rent there.My landlady who was  a Ph.D  in Leather biochemistry and who had been unfortunately   widowed   was living in one portion along with her   two kids- a boy and a girl. My  father  , in laws and my wife   with our new son    came and joined  me there. My wife who did not know Telugu and  though a graduate   was not confident enough to converse in English. Within a minute after  we occupied  our house. Our landlady the  three of us under her  protective wings. WE used  to call  her Aunty. My son who had  several health problems   as a baby was her baby right from that time and wife became younger   sister  of Aunty. I became uncle to both  her kids  Rani and Babu. It was   an  extremely miserable  financial   emergency for both of us. Once all  our responsibilities   were fulfilled, the money that  I took home was a pittance .WE used   to struggle to make  both ends meet and there were times during the month end  that We did not have money    to  pay   for Baby food. Being in a new place   and being one of the senior most   officers  of the Institute, I used to feel shy to ask for loan.But Our Goddess, our guardian angel  Aunty  decided   that we were  hers and our problems was hers. About 2 years later  we had a baby girl   who was the pet of Aunty and was 100% of the time with Aunty.I got a transfer    to Bangalore   after 3 years   competing with 85  candidates and tearfully Aunty  bid us farewell.Just before   we left Rani was  requested  by her school  to  write  and act in an English Drama  during the children’s day and It was  the only Drama  that  I wrote in life . Two years later  Rani   got I rank  in Andhra  Pradesh  matriculation examination and she is  now one of the famous opthomologists  in USA and Babu is a lawyer  in Rajhamundry.

    A few days back   we went on a pilgrimage  to few important   temples of Kona seema and met our  Goddess   and protective angel once again with eyes  bathed in tears. Our Aunty  is as cheerful as earlier  and blessed  us. She was  the greatest Goddess  whom we   saluted    during our tour.

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