Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Realistic problems of getting universal property to cure wounds

Realistic problems of getting  universal  property to cure  wounds


( Based on a  post by  Ravi Ramanathan    in tamil in face book  and my acknowledgements  to original   author.)

It  was a village   near   the sea   in Kerala  ,
And a  man lived with his old Grandma  in that  village,
And one day  Grandma was wounded  in  her leg,
And    the would   was   never   getting healed.

The local  ayurvedic doctor advised him  to pour  salt water ,
In her wound so that   it can get healed   very fast,
And the friend  of the man told  him that  water  in ocean was  full of salt,
And advised   his friend   to take  some ocean water   and pour  it on the wound daily .

The man thought  it was  a wonderful   idea   which will save money,
But thought   that  water  in the ocean   is a public  property,
And to use   it he   should   get  government’s permission  ,
And so he gave  an application to  village lever officer for its use.

The VLO was confused  and did not want   to take any risk whatsoever,
And forwarded   it to the  Tehsildar   for approval   and that officer ,
Thought that   there   was some thing fishy  in it and   sent it to collector,
And that  poor collector thought it was political and  forwarded   it to the   chief secretary  of the state.

The  chief secretary  advised   the minister  that water  of ocean  for  20 km,
Was  the property  of central government  and   so there   was a great need,
To obtain permission   of   the central minister  of off shore   fishing   and transport ,
And that minister   consulted    his prime minister   about the entire thing.

The prime minister   who was  also a foreign minister   thought   that,
Water  in the ocean was  an international  asset   and sent it to the UN,
Whose secretary general   thought   that  it was an important political issue,
And  kept it ans an agenda item   in the next security   council meeting,
And there  they decided  that the old woman can use  one litre  of water per day.

It was  communicated  to the prime minister , minister  of  off shore fishing,
To the minister  of the state  , the chief secretary of   the state , the collector  of the district,
Tehsildar  and village  level officer  and with   red tape every where ,
Reached   the old  woman’s son  after  forty    years   through  registered post.

That  man  by the time was seventy and his grand mother had died  thirty   years back,
But he was  glad    the reply had come  because by that time  he   had a  wound   in his leg ,
And he called  his grand son   and told him to bring one litre  of water  from the ocean daily,
But the grand son   google searched   and found out  that pouring  sea water ,
Is not at all  a good idea , as it may cause  infection   in his grandpa’s  leg .

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